Electronic Branding

PowerPoint Presentations

The UNT System has one approved PowerPoint template. The template has a style guide related to color palette embedded within the document. Contact the Director of Communications to request a copy of the approved PowerPoint template. 

Additional PowerPoint style guidelines include:

  • Presentations should begin with a succinct summary statement that defines a problem or issue, describes why this problem/issue is relevant and shares a solution to the problem/issue
  • Presentations should not contain lengthy text narratives. Rather, points should be summarized in bullet format and augmented with charts, graphs, tables and photos
  • Any infographics created should be notated and follow guidelines embedded into the approved PowerPoint Template
  • Fonts within the approved template include Georgia for titles and headers, Arial for softer headlines and Calibri for bullets and sub-copy. These fonts may not be changed or altered.

Electronic Mastheads

Each UNT System office or department will be provided a professionally designed “lock-up” graphic that will include sub-branding. These lock-up marks are approved for use as electronic mastheads in emails and newsletters.

An example of an approved sub-branded UNT System wordmark is below:


Any other electronic mastheads must be approved by the Director of Communications.

Email Signature

The UNT System's preferred employee email signature does not contain any attachments, which can often be blocked by filters, and is designed to work with both HTML-based and text-only interfaces. The approved UNT System email signature uses 9-point Arial font with the employee name typed in all-caps and bolded, placed above bolded title and optional department/office information. A 1-point line separates the employees personal information from UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS SYSTEM in UNT green, all-caps bold, followed by the employee's mailing address in black, normal text. A link to the UNT System web site sits at the bottom of the approved email signature. 

The email signature template below may be copied and pasted for use in UNT System emails.   

Insert Title Here
Insert Department Here (optional) 

1901 Main Street - Dallas, Texas  75201
Office: 214.752.5985 Mobile: 917.621-5744