External Communications

Any printed collateral material or publications (brochures, fliers, newsletters, etc.) intended for mailing/distribution to external audiences must be approved by the Director of Communications and designed professionally with appropriate UNT System brand usage.

The Director of Communications will communicate news regarding the UNT System to external audiences via the UNTS web site, UNTS social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube! and LinkedIn, as well as to local, regional and national media via press release.

If you feel you have newsworthy information to share, please send a summary of the news item to the  Director of Communications. The information will be evaluated for distribution externally via social media, traditional media or the Internet.

New Leader Announcements
The Director of Communications and/or the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources will announce the hiring or promotion of any UNT System employees who are at the Director level or above, including: Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor and Regents. These announcements will typically include an external news release, web site posting and internal email featuring a photo.

Employing departments should contact the Director of Communications regarding any hiring/promotion announcements. All new hires and job status changes should be reported to the Director of Communications by UNT System department heads in order to add/remove any new/exiting UNTS System employees to the UNTS web site.

Media Relations
The UNT System’s Director of Communications occasionally pitches newsworthy story ideas to the media with the intent of highlighting key people, projects, accomplishments, initiatives or milestones of the UNT System. Any other proactive media contact – for purposes of gaining media attention for a UNTS individual, department or project – must be coordinated with the Director of Communications.

The Director of Communications will also handle all incoming media inquiries regarding the UNT System or requests for interviews with UNT System employees. Any UNT System employee receiving media-related phone calls, emails or written correspondence should consult with the Director of Communications before responding in order to ensure consistency of key messages, institutional direction, facts and overall follow-up protocol are achieved. The Director of Communications is available to help establish key points and provide coaching related to media interviews.

Crisis Communications
In the event of a crisis, the Director of Communications will serve as the UNT System’s public information officer under direction of the Chancellor, Office of the General Counsel or other designated parties. UNT System Staff should continue to refer any and all media contact to the Director of Communications in crisis situations unless otherwise instructed. Please note, the Director of Communications is “on-call” at all times to handle media relations related to emergencies and crises involving the UNT System

Media Training
Media training is offered to departments and employees as needed for formal presentations or media interviews. Training includes assistance with messaging, positioning, appearance and speaking points, as appropriate. Contact the Director of Communications for more information.

All advertisements placed in local, state, and national media representing the UNT System must be approved by the Director of Communications or the Chancellor. The only exception to this is personnel advertisements, which must be approved by Human Resources. Promotional advertising must be placed using non-state funds.

Advertising on behalf of the UNT System, its departments, programs and organizations without proper approval is prohibited. The Director of Communications is available to provide guidance related to copy, design and placement of advertisements.

Social Media
The UNT System uses social media strategically to help communicate its messages to internal and external audiences. The Director of Communications is responsible for the UNT System’s official pages on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube! and LinkedIn. Any UNT System departmental social media pages must be approved by the Director of Communications. Any UNT System employee wishing to post information or photo(s) to UNTS social media outlets should email the information, photo(s) or proposed content to the Director of Communications.


Guidelines for using social media as a designated UNT System employee:

  • Do not use personal or organizational blogs or social media sites to communicate sensitive or private work-related information.
  • Consult the Director of Communicationss before starting a blog or social media profile for your UNT System department or group.
  • Comply with the terms of service of any social media platform that you use.
  • Comply with copyright laws and do not use copyrighted images or materials without permission.
  • Do not speak on behalf of the UNT System on any blogs or social media sites, including personal sites, unless you are authorized to do so by the Director of Communications.
  • Do not use the UNT System wordmarks without approval from the Director of Communications.
  • Only use approved institutional colors in your approved design.
  • ​Check all facts to ensure accuracy before posting institutional information.

Best practices for personal use of social media:

  • If you participate in personal blogs or social networking sites at work, follow the UNT System’s Acceptable Electronic Use Policy.
  • Use your personal e-mail address on your blog or social media profiles. All UNTS e-mails are considered state records; personal use of your UNT System e-mail address should be limited.
  • Clarify that your opinion is your own. Where your connection to the UNT System, is apparent, make it clear that you are not speaking on behalf of the UNT System. For example, add “The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the UNT System,” or a similar statement to your blog, social media profile or bio, and/or along with comments you post on other blogs regarding the UNTS.
  • Don’t speak on behalf of the UNT System without the permission of the Chancellor or Director of Communications.
  • If you are unsure if it is appropriate to post any information about the UNT System on a personal blog or social media profile, consult the Director of Communications.
  • If communicating on a blog or social media site about the UNT System, identify your connection to and your role at the UNT System.
  • If you see information or comments about the UNT System on a blog, web site or social media site that you think requires a response, contact the Director of Communications.
  • Consider everything that is posted on social media sites as public.
  • Photos can very easily be copied by visitors to social media sites. Ensure you have the appropriate permission to use any photos.
  • Always remember that conversations and comments can turn up in web searches and should be considered public record.