Typography & Colors


Consistent typography creates a uniform look of quality in UNT System publications. The recommended typefaces for System communications are:

  • Georgia is used for formal printed communications
  • Calibri is used for email, electronic newsletters and in electronic presentations. in electronic presentations.
  • Arial is an alternate font used in electronic presentations, primarily for headlines.

These typefaces have been selected to complement the UNT System wordmark in a legible, professional manner. The fonts must be purchased from a licensed software/font vendor.


The official colors of the UNT System are UNT green and white. (UNT green is Pantone Matching System PMS 356*.) Black is used as a tertiary accent color.

When UNT green is used for printed items, it must be PMS 356* or the following four-color process (CMYK) equivalent:

100 percent cyan
0 percent magenta
100 percent yellow
33 percent black.

(Exception: When uncoated paper stock is used, PMS 355* should be substituted for UNT green.)

For electronic branding, the following color model settings will reproduce UNT green in most graphic design and HTML coding software.

  • Hex color for UNT green: #059033
  • HSL color model for UNT green: Hue 93, Sat 224, Lume 70
  • RGB color model for UNT green: Red 5, Green 144, Blue 51

The UNT System has an approved palette of accent colors. These additional colors are the only secondary colors approved for use in official UNT System documents or presentations, however they should be used only when designs call for such variation (such as complex charts or graphs). For charts that compare the UNT System and its universities, PMS 356 is assigned to the UNT System, PMS 360 is assigned to UNT, PMS Black is assigned to UNT Health Science Center and PMS 660 is assigned to UNT Dallas.

As a reference, the approved UNT System color palette is provided below: