UNT System Seal Usage

The official UNT System seal is the most important, formal symbol belonging to the System. Per Regent’s Rule 04.803, the seal is reserved for the highest and most formal communication and for ceremonial, commemorative and promissory purposes.

The Director of Communications is responsible for ensuring the appropriate use of the seal. Board of Regent approval is required for revision to the seal.

The UNT System seal is reserved for the following items:

  • UNT System Board of Regent Board Briefings.
  • UNT System Board of Regent Board Orders.
  • Ceremonial documents, such as awards and proclamations.
  • Commemorative objects created for limited distribution, and made out of durable high-quality materials. Examples include plaques, medallions and commemorative crystal paperweights.
  • Permanent signage in limited usage, such as at the main entryway to the UNT System headquarters, but not on exterior building signs and not in less-formal settings.
  • Financial documents such as the official system budgets, checks, system-issued securities and other financial papers, where it is essentially a mark of guarantee.
  • Contracts and documents that require the signature of the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designees.
  • Approved UNT System business cards, both printed and electronic.
  • Approved UNT electronic communication or presentation pieces.

Prohibited uses of the UNT System Seal

  • Do not use the seal in place of the UNT System wordmarks.
  • Do not use the seal on any disposable item unless approved by the Chancellor or Director of Communications.
  • Examples of inappropriate uses of the seal include, but are not limited to, clothing, coffee mugs, napkins, water bottles, notebooks, portfolios, plastic cups and disposable cups. Use the UNT System logo, rather than the seal, for these purposes.

Basic requirements for use of the UNT System Seal

    • Use only reproduction-quality images of the official seal with a resolution of at least 300 dpi for print.
    • Use the seal in its entirety. It should not be used as a design element.
    • Use the seal in its normal orientation – it should not be turned, altered, screened back or used in-part.
    • Use the seal alone.  Do not combine the seal with another emblem or symbol, except where it appears with a UNT System wordmark.
    • The seal may be combined with type, but type should not touch or be superimposed on it.
    • To prevent fraud the seal may be used as a watermark on certain important papers.
    • Reproduce the seal in a single color of UNT System green or black.
    • Embossing the seal in gold, silver and green on official UNT System announcements is acceptable.
    • Any exceptions to these rules require the permission of the Chancellor or Director of Communications.