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Onboarding Resources

These checklists assist new employees and their supervisors with completion of required steps and documentation for the beginning of a career at UNT, UNTHSC or UNT Dallas. The user guides will assist supervisors who want to check the onboarding completion status for a new hire, or for a group of new hires.  (Find related benefits information for UNT only.)

File UNT Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors, File UNTHSC Onboarding Checklist for Employees, File UNTHSC Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors, PDF icon UNT Dallas Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors, PDF icon Guide to Check Onboarding Status for a New Hire, PDF icon Guide to Check Onboarding Status for a Group of New Hires, File UNT Onboarding Checklist for Employees
Payment Request and Inter-Agency Payment Request Forms

All purchases should be made using a Purchasing Card or the ePro requisition. This form is ONLY for refunds and reduction of revenue.

PDF icon Payment Request Form, PDF icon Inter-Agency Payment Request Form
Performance Review - UNT System Administration (HRM-28-C)

Annual performance and development review for employees of UNT System Administration.

File Performance Review - UNT System Administration, PDF icon Facilitating Effective Performance Reviews
Proprietary Sole Source Purchase Justification

Sole Source Form/Proprietary Purchase Justification Form - Complete this form and attach it electronically to your requisition. Sole source purchases are not permitted except when clearly and thoroughly justified. 

PDF icon Proprietary Sole Source Purchase Justification
Purchasing Card Abuse

Use this Purchasing Card Abuse form to report suspicious use of the purchasing card. When you submit this form, information is sent directly to the UNT System Administration BSC Director of Purchasing. You may complete this form anonymously.

Purchasing Card Application

Complete this form to apply for a purchasing card. Purchasing cards generally take 14-16 days to be delivered once the order is placed. The card will be sent directly to your office address. Please verify your information; incorrect information will significantly delay you in receiving your new card. You are required to take training before your card will be activated. Please email your completed application form to

PDF icon PCard Application
Purchasing Card Assignment Form

This form should be completed by Approvers to ensure card accounts are setup correctly.

PDF icon Purchasing Card Assignment Form
Purchasing Card Exception Request Form

Complete and submit this Exception Request prior to the purchase. Do not proceed with the purchase until authorization has been granted. 

PDF icon Purchasing Card Exception Request Form
Purchasing Card Food & Beverage Justification

Attach a completed copy of this form to any food or beverage transaction that was purchased for human consumption. 

PDF icon Purchasing Card Food & Beverage Justification
Purchasing Inquiry

Use this form to submit a  general Purchasing Inquiry.

Receipt Affidavit Form

Form for requesting an exception to the receipt documentation rules for a given purchase. For use when receipt is lost or missing.

For travel, this form is used only when the itemized portion of a receipt is missing. The form should be used to list what specific items were purchased.

PDF icon Receipt Affidavit Form
Reference Checklists for Hiring Managers

Human Resources guides to seeking references for candidates at the professional and executive level.

PDF icon Reference Check Guides for Professional Positions, PDF icon Reference Check Guides for Executive Positions
Reissue Payroll Check Request Form

Before completing this Reissue Payroll Check Request Form, please verify the status of your paycheck with your department and/or supervisor.

By completing this form:

  • I am requesting that BSC Payroll stop payment on the payroll check I have indicated.
  • I understand that should I receive the original check, it is not to be cashed.  I will return the check to BSC Payroll for proper handling. 
The address for returning the check is:

UNT System Business Service Center
1112 Dallas Drive, Suite 4000
Denton, TX  76205

Please complete all the required fields of the form in order to start the process of getting a check reissued. If you need assistance completing this form, call (940) 369-5500 or (855) 868-4357.

Please select the reason you are requesting a check be reissued.

Request for Formal Solicitation

Complete this form and attach it to requestions marked RFQ.

PDF icon Request for Formal Solicitation
Request for Payment Upon Termination or Separation (HRM-9)

Those who leave employment may request payment of remaining vacation and some other amounts in a lump sum. (There is no payment for unused sick leave; department employees may donate it to the Sick Leave Pool.)

PDF icon Request for Lump Sum Payment Upon Termination or Separation (HRM9)