This area provides access to both Internal and External forms related to the UNT System. The forms may be sorted for Internal or External users via the dropdown menu below and may also be sorted by category or keyword. Users may Email Us with any questions.

UNT System employees wishing to update their personal information or view paycheck, paid leave or benefits information should visit the My UNT System portal and log in via EUID.

Please note that fillable forms are most likely to function properly when using Firefox browser. Internet Explorer users may want to save a form for one-time use before proceeding. Both browsers offer a Save option in Adobe Acrobat. For assistance with browsers or software, visit the Information Technology Shared Services Service Catalog website and log in via EUID.

Timekeeping Records (UPO23, UPO24)

These time sheets may be used by departments and employees who do not use or do not have access to eLeave time recording. Payroll manages time and labor.

Office spreadsheet icon Hourly Time Record - UPO23, Office spreadsheet icon Regular Staff Time Record - UPO24
Travel Budget Authorization Form & Travel Voucher

The Travel Budget Authorization, Travel voucher, and account detail sheet are all contained in this one Excel document. (revised 12/2017)

The Travel Budget Authorization is to be completed and signed prior to any trip and submitted to along with the Account Detail Sheet. One day local mileage trips do not require a TBA.

The Travel Voucher and  Account Detail Sheet should be completed and submitted to at the conclusion of the trip or for any reimbursements prior to the trip.

Office spreadsheet icon Travel Budget Authorization Form & Travel Voucher
Travel Reconciling Worksheet

This worksheet is used to assist with reconciling travel expenses and is recommended for trips more than two days or with multiple receipts.

Office spreadsheet icon Travel Reconciling Worksheet
TRS Forms for Active Members

TRS Forms for Active Members - TRS requires that certain designated forms be completed and submitted to TRS in order to make changes to your TRS records or to initiate certain actions relating to your TRS benefits. This section features forms intended for use by TRS active members. You also may create an account at MyTRS.

UNT List of Preapproved Furniture Vendors

In an effort to ensure only the highest quality products and services are offered to departments, professionals from the University of North Texas Facilities Planning, and Construction have established this list of preapproved furniture vendors who meet the high standards for quality and service, Departments within UNT are required to use vendors off of this list.

PDF icon UNT Preapproved Furniture Vendors List
Verbal Counseling Record and Corrective Action Notice

Supervisors should use these forms to record disciplinary action for employees.

PDF icon Mediation Program - UNT, PDF icon Verbal Counseling and Warning , PDF icon Corrective Action Notice (HR19)
Veterans Self-Identification Reports

Veterans Self-Identification is voluntary. These forms, when submitted, support Human Resources demographic record keeping.

PDF icon Veterans Self-Identification - Pre-Offer, PDF icon Veterans Self-Identification - Post-Offer
Voucher Correction

Voucher Correction

If a payment has been made and after the fact it is determined that the expense should have been paid from another DeptID/ProjID, complete this form. Copies of this request will be sent to the DeptID holders.Use this form to change the DeptID/ProjID for an item that has already been paid. 

Workers Compensation - UNTHSC

These forms and guides are for employees of the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth. Find information for UNT at  UNT Risk Management Services. Find assistance for incidents at UNT Dallas

PDF icon UNTHSC Workers Compensation - Employee - UNTHSC, PDF icon Workers Compensation - Supervisors - UNTHSC, PDF icon Workers Compensation Network - UNTHSC
Workplace Violence Explained

General guidance and information; references to UNT resources.

PDF icon Workplace Violence Explained - UNT, PDF icon Workplace Violence Report - UNT