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o Call the number below for technical assistance with error messages or if you are having difficulty finding flights, rental cars, or hotels

o Free online assistance 877-727-5188

Travel and payment inquiries

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o EIS Travel Voucher Query

  • The query is not a replacement for Cognos. To view detailed charges to a specific chart string, Cognos will still be your best resource. The query will only show vouchers entered into EIS for payment. You can use the voucher number to reference the charges in Cognos.
  • The query will not show recently submitted vouchers. The current process requires the travel team to review the voucher and enter it into EIS. In fairness to all employees, the travel team works first in, first out. Voucher processing varies throughout the year depending on heavy travel seasons and vouchers submitted that are missing information. Typically allow 5 to 7 business days for the voucher to appear in EIS. Please note that the query is not going to show Travel Budget Authorizations (TBA) that have been sent to

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o UNT System Business Services Process Training

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