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Need to Know: FY 2018 Year-End Deadlines 

Helpful Tips for Closing Out FY 2018:

  • Review and cancel department requisitions that will not be approved and forwarded to Procurement Services by 8/22/18.
  • Ensure Budget Date is changed to 9/1/2018 on all FY19 requisitions before submission.
  • Respond to outstanding payment approval emails received as quickly as possible.
  • Forward any outstanding invoices to immediately.
  • Complete and submit travel vouchers for FY18 travel.
  • FY18 ePro requisitions and blanket orders may now be entered.

Note that the budget date should reflect 9/01/18.  Please add a statement “For delivery and invoicing after 9/01/18”.  Additionally, for FY19 blanket purchase orders, please be sure to check the “Amount Only” block on the “Line Details” screen of the requisition.  This will allow multiple invoices to be paid against the line.  Please contact Mike Abernethy, Senior Director for Procurement Services by email at or by phone at (940) 369-5510 if you have any questions about year end.

Click here to page down to the current standards of practice for the Month End Close procedures.

UNTS Component General Ledger Closing Schedule



      Department Journal Deadline
by 5:00 PM1
Close Date
by 5:00 PM2
2018 1 September October 4, 2017 Wednesday October 12, 2017 Thursday
2018 2 October November 3, 2017 Friday November 13, 2017 Monday
2018 3 November3 December 5, 2017 Tuesday December 12, 2017 Tuesday
2018 4 December January 4, 2018 Thursday January 12, 2018 Friday
2018 5 January February 5, 2018 Monday February 12, 2018 Monday
2018 6 February3 March 5, 2018 Monday March 13, 2018 Tuesday
2018 7 March April 4, 2018 Wednesday April 12, 2018 Thursday
2018 8 April May 3, 2018 Thursday May 14, 2018 Monday
2018 9 May3 June 5, 2018 Tuesday June 12, 2018 Tuesday
2018 10 June July 5, 2018 Thursday July 12, 2018 Thursday
2018 11 July August 3, 2018 Friday August 13, 2018 Monday
2018 12 August September 7, 2018 Friday September 12, 2018 Wednesday
2018 998 August September 14, 20184 Friday October 8, 2018 Monday
2018 999 August N/A N/A October 12, 2018 Friday
October 3, 2018
Notes on closing:      
1. The standard department deadline for journals is the 3rd business day of each month.    
2. Standard monthly closing is on the 12th day of the following month. If the 12th is on a weekend, the closing is on the following business day. Member institutions are encouraged to close earlier than the close date.
3. The closing date may be extended for certain periods due to quarterly financial reporting at the discretion of a member institution’s Controller’s Office.
4. Departments must have all submissions to the Accounting and Budget Offices by the Department Journal deadline set forth in Section 1.2 (i.e., August FY 2018 would be September 7th). 
     **Any submissions after the department journal deadline date for Period 12, the final close of the fiscal year, will be made at the discretion of the Controller and Budget Offices. 
5. Any transaction pending additional processing after the deadline will be posted to a subsequent accounting period. 
     **Pending transactions after the close deadline date for Period 12, the final close of the fiscal year, will be made at the discretion of the Controller and Budget Offices. 

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