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Electronic Branding

PowerPoint Presentations

The UNT System has two approved PowerPoint templates. The templates have a style guide related to color palette embedded within the document. Contact the Office of Marketing & Communications to request a copy of the approved PowerPoint templates.Additional PowerPoint style guidelines include:

Additional PowerPoint style guidelines include:

  • Presentations should begin with a succinct summary statement that defines a problem or issue, describes why this problem/issue is relevant and shares a solution to the problem/issue.
  • Presentations should not contain lengthy text narratives. Rather, points should be summarized in bullet format and augmented with charts, graphs, tables and photos.
  • Any infographics created should be notated and follow guidelines embedded into the approved PowerPoint Template.
  • Fonts within the approved template include Georgia, Arial, Fira, and Calibri. These fonts may not be changed or altered.

Electronic Mastheads

The Office of Marketing & Communications will provide each UNT System office or department with a professionally designed “lock-up” graphic that will include sub-branding. These lock-up marks are approved for use as electronic mastheads in emails and newsletters. An example of an approved sub-branded UNT System Wordmark is below:

Any other electronic mastheads must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Email Signature

Using consistent email signatures for email accounts is an opportunity to create brand alignment while relaying relevant contact information. In addition, consistent and clear email signatures present a professional appearance for conducting business through email. The UNT System has one preferred email signature style. 

First Name Last Name

1901 Main Street - Dallas, Texas  75201
Office: 214.000.0000

The following are recommended guidelines for staff members using an @untsystem email account:

  • Avoid images, logos and vCards: Most email clients process these as attachments or block them by default. So, if you include these in your signature, your email recipients won't know when you send a real attachment and when it's just your email signature. This includes the UNT System Wordmoark for social media platforms — they should not be included in a signature.
  • Less is more: Email signatures should be under 10 lines. If you feel you need to add more information, use pipes (|) to separate components adding two spaces between content and pipes. Also, refrain from using quotes or epigraphs in business communications to keep the message professional and to avoid having others assume a particular statement represents the institution.
  • Font: Use Calibri which is a standard font on both Mac and PCs and works in all email clients. Non-standard fonts and HTML may not translate across email clients.
  • Color: Black is preferable and consistent with the brand color palette. The "UNIVERSITY OF NORTH SYSTEM" color is the approved UNT green (Reference pg. 9).
  • Phone numbers: Include the phone and/or fax numbers you use regularly in an effort to make it easy for others to reach you. Don't include a cell or fax number if it's not something you often use or want to share broadly.