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Wordmark / Logo Usage

Approved Wordmarks

As of March 2018, the UNT System’s primary graphic identity is represented by one horizontal and one vertical Wordmark. Below is the UNT System’s primary approved Wordmark. This horizontal Wordmark is the UNT System’s primary mark and should be used whenever possible in printed and electronic communications pieces:

When using a UNT System Wordmark for black and white printed documents, the primary Wordmark should appear in black and white with no gray scale:


Below is the UNT System’s secondary approved Wordmark. This vertical Wordmark is the UNT System’s secondary mark and should only be used in designs not suited for the primary, horizontal mark. Also below is the non-color version of the secondary Wordmark for use in black and white printed documents.

CLICK HERE to download the marks

Basic wordmark use requirements are:

  • The primary UNT System Wordmark, horizontal in design, should be used whenever possible. The secondary UNT System Wordmark, vertical in design, should only be used in designs not suited for the primary Wordmark. For any questions regarding appropriate use of the UNT System Wordmarks, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications.
  •  A UNT System Wordmark is required on all forms of communication that describe or illustrate the System and/or System business, whether for internal or external use. Exceptions to this requirement can only be granted by the Chancellor or Associate Vice Chancellor. This includes System-funded publications, as well as those that are externally funded. For example, if the System helps to sponsor an event, the Wordmark should be included on a sponsor listing page. If printing is funded by an outside entity, it still must comply with identity guidelines.
  • A UNT System Wordmark must appear on either the front or back of any multipage printed collateral piece (front is preferred) and must be visible on any single-page printed piece.
  • A UNT System Wordmark must appear at the top of all UNT System web sites with no scrolling necessary.
  • UNT System Wordmarks may not be altered from their original form.
  • UNT System Wordmarks may not be stretched, rearranged or altered in any way other than proportional scaling and appropriate use of color.
  • UNT System Wordmarks should always appear in UNT green, white and black when possible. The only acceptable variation is black and white, with no grayscale, for use in black and white printed documents.
  • No additional text or imagery should touch or be superimposed onto UNT System Wordmarks, other than approved departmental lock ups.

The Office of Marketing & Communications will provide each UNT System office or department with a professionally designed “lock-up” graphic that will include sub-branding. An example of an approved sub-branded UNT System Wordmark is below:

  •  If you feel your area needs a specific, sub-branded Wordmark, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications to make a request. Upon approval, a professionally-designed, sub-branded Wordmark will be created.
  • An area of clear space surrounding any UNT System Wordmark should be used to maintain visual impact and legibility. Other graphic elements, such as typography, pictures, etc., should not infringe upon this clear space to ensure legibility.
  • No portion of a UNT System Wordmark may be screened back.

UNT System Chancellor's Mark

The UNT System Chancellor’s Mark was created by Chancellor Lesa Roe as an illustration of the System as a unified, singular entity that is greater as a whole than as the sum of its parts. This mark is used primarily on internal materials and presentation that come from the Chancellor’s Office. Authorization for use is required from the Office of Marketing & Communications.


UNT System Texas Mark

The UNT System is proud to be the only university system based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region. As such, a secondary mark – featuring a Texas silhouette with a star marking the UNT System’s home region of DFW – is now in use. This mark is intended to be used in less formal settings, such as in social media, brochures, advertisements, apparel and promotional items. The UNT System Texas Mark should not be used in official letterheads or other business-related documents.

Outdated Wordmarks

The UNT System’s former Wordmarks may not be used electronically or in the production of any new materials beginning on March 15, 2018. In order to best utilize resources, however, a “grace” period for use of the former UNT System Wordmark in stocks of printed materials will exist through the end of fiscal year 2018 in order to avoid wasting current stocks of items such as letterhead or business cards. The grace period for use of old mark in printed materials expires on September 1, 2018.


If you are unsure about how to incorporate UNT System wordmarks into your design, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications.