Culture of Service

The University of North Texas System is dedicated to serving internal and external customers and has implemented Culture of Service training  for its employees. As of Summer 2017, more than 460 UNTS employees have particpated in a 2-day training workshop designed to help equip our team with the tools necessary to better prepare for the needs of both internal and external clients. 

The training was a facilitated, highly-interactive, 2-day workshop.

Goals of the workshop include:

  • Forge a client-centric service approach moving toward 100% client satisfaction.
  • Recognize and understand the value-added aspects of effective client service.
  • Learn how to discover more about our clients and their needs.
  • Identify and manage client expectations.
  • Analyze and manage difficult client situations.
  • Bring our clients from conflict to mutual understanding.
  • Identify the five things clients expect from service providers.
  • Recognize and make the most out of each clients’ “Moments of Truth.”
  • Motivate self and team to provide superior service.
  • Develop a superior client service model.

Following Culture of Service Training, UNT System employees will be: 

  • Comfortable with a client/customer-centric service approach encourages greater empathy and provides the opportunity to review and improve processes from the client perspective.
  • Better prepared to anticipate client needs and therefore deliver appropriate levels of service.
  • Adept at developing and retainin relationships within the organization and with internal and external clients.
  • Better prepared to address complaints and resolve conflicts with supported clients to recover and improve the service experience.

Learn more about the Culture of Service in this video from Chancellor Emeritus Lee F. Jackson:

Participants will complete a two-day workshop, "Achieving Service Excellence," and work with employees to focus on customer service philosophies, trends and benefits. The pilot project will provide a baseline for extending the culture of service to all campuses and departments.

If you have questions about the Culture of Service project, contact a member of the project leadership team at your location or Human Resources, 1-855-878-7650, Option 5

Shared services began operations at the System in 2011. Many university systems are adopting shared services models to streamline operations and processes so that maximum resources can be directed toward academic areas.

The Culture of Service project has been endorsed by Chancellor Jackson and is sponsored by Vice Chancellor of Finance Janet Waldron. Human Resources is managing the pilot in conjunction with Ouellette and Associates consultants and a Culture of Service leadership team representing all system locations.

Culture of Service Leadership Team

  • Luis E. Lewin, Committee Leader, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, System Administration
  • Helen Bailey, Director, Facilities Management and Construction, UNT
  • Jamaica Chapple, Dean of Student Affairs, UNT Dallas
  • Bob Graham, Director of Strategic Services, Information Technology Shared Services, System Administration
  • Teresa McKinney, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs, UNT
  • Luis Rivas, Director, Finance and Administration, UNT
  • Don Sabani, Senior Director, Process Improvement and Reporting, System Administration
  • Donna Shell, Senior Director, Client Support Services, Business Support Services, System Administration
  • Jonathan Silk, Executive Director for Leadership Development, UNT Health Science Center