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A Message from the Chancellor

Date Published: 
Tuesday, September 1, 2015

After ten years of active planning and forty years of regional aspiration, it is very gratifying that, in September 2013, the UNT Dallas College of Law opened student applications for our inaugural law class, which was seated in August, 2014.

There are more questions now about the future of legal education than perhaps at any time since modern law schools took their place in American higher education. Some of these concerns are transitory, reflecting short term fluctuations in the job market, but others are fundamental.

It’s a good time to discuss how to balance the two factors—conceptual analysis and practical skills—that are required to practice law for the benefit of society. And we’re committed to an innovative curriculum that will stress rigorous analysis of the principles and precedents that form our legal system, with an equal commitment to the practical application of that knowledge. We want to produce graduates who are ready to apply their skills after hands-on experience in the real world of legal practice.

In the years since Governor Rick Perry signed the 2009 legislation that established the first public law school in North Texas, we have worked to prepare and open a brand new law school that takes advantage of very significant opportunities. We have a wonderful location in downtown Dallas in the heart of a dynamic legal and business community. Our region is strong and growing and there are many needs for legal service in economic and family life. There are many outstanding students who will take advantage of access to a convenient and affordable legal education. We’re committed to controlling student debt and we’ve recruited talented and dedicated leaders who are committed to building an innovative program.

Our thanks go to donors, key state leaders, and the City of Dallas; their help in reaching this point and their continued support allow the UNT Dallas College of Law to be a vibrant part of the UNT System and of the North Texas area.





Lee F. Jackson, Chancellor
UNT System

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