UNT Dallas To Grow Quickly- Along With Communities

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Creating a new university means creating a town around it; the two can’t — and don’t — exist independently. Each supports the other if successful growth is to happen.

UNT Dallas, the first public, four-year university in Dallas, is on a fast track — planning to increase enrollment from 2,100 currently to 6,000 students in 2020 and 16,000 by 2030… tremendous growth!

As part of the resolve to grow effectively & successfully — with the surrounding communities —  the University of North Texas at Dallas and Bain & Company entered into a multi-year partnership to create a “Commission on Building the University of the 21st Century”, an initiative focused on defining the new university’s role in Dallas and the North Texas region and creating a national model of best practices for emerging universities. Bain & Company is providing $1 million in pro bono consulting services to UNT Dallas to help it develop critical components to the work and success of the Commission.

Significantly, the forwardDallas! Comprehensive plan identified the UNT-Dallas are as, “critically important to shape development in Dallas’ southern sector.”

Consequently, a UNT Campus Area plan has been developed to ensure that development of the new university — the only public university located within the city of Dallas — grows with the surrounding communities to become a model of town/gown unions.

The comprehensive plan lists Key Opportunities, Key Challenges that should be addresses — as well as Strategic Opportunity Areas.

Key Opportunities

  • A mature total of 25,000 students and 3,000 employees, providing a major economic development engine for the area
  • DART rail service, providing easy access to the campus, linking it to downtown Dallas students and workers
  • Strategic location, near the International Inland Port of Dallas, the Dallas Executive Airport, the Dallas VA Medical Center, and the IH-20 NAFTA trade corridor.
  • More than 50 acres of undeveloped land, offering substantial development opportunity adjacent to the campus
  • Established single-family neighborhoods like Singing Hills and Hidden Valley.

Key challenges

  • Improving utilities for a potentially rapid-growing campus and suburban population — with corresponding business development
  • Transportation improvements — including expansion/redirection of existing roads, building new roads, and ensuring public transportation options
  • Zoning codes are outdated considering the substantial growth opportunities of the university & surround housing/business opportunities.

Strategic Opportunity Areas

Three such areas will be the focus of proactive implementation efforts in order to trigger best possible development consistent with the consensus vision of the area in the future.

  • UNT DART station area
  • Houston School Road area
  • Camp Wisdom DART station area.

For more information, see the complete UNT Campus Area plan.

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