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Bidding Requirements

Please refer to the following information for appropriate procedures and guidelines.

All purchases generally are made on a competitive bid basis. A Proprietary/Sole Source Justification must be submitted by the department when the estimated cost exceeds $5,000 and specifications limit consideration to one manufacturer, one product, or one service provider. The proprietary justification form must be signed by both the requestor of the proprietary/sole source purchase and the appropriate Vice President or Vice Chancellor for the requesting department. The request for proprietary/sole source procurement must be attached to the ePro requisition. The final decision/authorization for the proprietary/sole source purchase rests with the Procurement area of the Business Support Services.

  • Purchases of $5,000 and below allow for selection of the vendor of choice. Departments are encouraged to practice good faith and award based on best value.
  • Purchases requiring informal bids must comply with the requirement for bids/quotes from at least two (2) Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB). When at least 2 HUB business quotes are not attached, information must be included with the requisition documenting the reasons for non-compliance. All informal quotes must be documented in writing and cannot be verbal quotes.
  • Purchasing staff will decide on the procurement method to be used for all items with a cost of more than $50,000.

Bid Inquiry

Bid (solicitation) opportunities are posted on this website as they become available.  Depending on the solicitation, a prebid meeting may be held providing an opportunity for in person questions.  If a prebid meeting is not indicated and you have questions about a posted bid, use this Bid Inquiry form to send an e-mail to the contract specialists.