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Business Process Training

UNT System Finance Business Process training will be scheduling virtual training starting this week through the end of April to tend to campus business needs. A training calendar will be sent to all campuses once the schedule has been finalized.
We appreciate your patience was we work diligently to provide you the necessary tools and resources while attempting to minimize disruption.

Welcome to the UNT System Business Process Training Page! Here you will find information related to functional training managed by UNT System, namely;

  • Electronic Payroll Action Request (ePAR)
  • Creating and Managing Requisitions (ePRO)
  • Purchasing Card (PCard)
  • Time & Labor & Timekeeping
  • Electroinc Interdepartamental Transfer (IDT) (currently UNT Denton only)

Travel is currently rolling out Concur department by department, campus by campus. Click here for the travel page. Click here for Travel related training.

Most trainings are offered on your campus monthly (see Training Calendars below). Some trainings are offered online and can be found here or in the Learning Portal.

If you have a specific training question related to Pcard, you can contact For travel, For all other training questions, please contact either Carl Miron ( or Shaun Treat ( For questions or issues related to the Training Portal, please contact Human Resources at

Training Calendars

Fall training is scheduled from August to December, spring training from January to May, and summer from June to July. We aim to have each new calendar up by the end of the week on the last month of each training cycle.

Download the training calendar for your campus (Denton, HSC, Dallas).

Learn how to enroll for training in the Training Portal.

Approver Training

ePro Approvers (click on it to launch)
This training is designed for individuals who are responsible for approving electronic procurement (ePro). The training will be narrowly focused on what approvers should focus on and be aware of when approving or denying transactions. The training will also include a brief overview of purchasing guidelines.

PCard Approver in Concur
Available in the learning portal. Search for PCard Approver. Select Pcard Approver with Concur Online Training. You can launch it as often as you like

Managing Delegations
This training walks you through the process of assigning your signature authority for timesheet approvals to another employee.

Approving Time
This training walks you through the process of approving time sheets for employees who report to you.


This training will walk staff and managers through the policies regarding leave, the different types of leave, how to use leave, request leave, and approve leave.

Managing Leave with eLeave HSC

Managing Leave with eLeave UNT Dallas

Managing Leave with eLeave UNT

Managing Leave with eLeave UNT System

Time & Labor

Desk Punch Time Reporting
This training walks you through the process of time entry for hourly employees who are enrolled in Desk Punch.

Hourly Self-Service Time Reporting
This training walks you through the process of completing your timesheet if you are an hourly employee who is not a Webclock user.

Salaried Self-Service Timesheet
This training walks you through the process of completing your timesheet if you are salaried employee who is not a Webclock user.

Running Reports
This training walks you through the process of how to run the most common reports, such as pending time, leave balances, payable time, and unreported time.


Change Request
This document walks you through the process of making changes to requisitions pending approval, approved, sourced to purchase order, or sent to a vendor. 

Desktop Receiving
The Desktop Receiving feature allows you to input receipt of items directly at your desktop. It should be used for receiving things such as services, while goods should be delivered directly to the University's Central Receiving Office.


How Do I Get a PCard?

1. Complete Application and submit to
2. Complete PCard Holder & Approver training.
3. Notify when your card has been received.
4. PCard team will then increase your transaction limit from $1 to the appropriate amount.


Travel Authorization Form
This training walks you through the process of completing the Travel Authorization Form which is the form that is required to be completed prior to making travel arrangements. Click on the link then click Try It.

Travel Voucher
This training walks you through the process of completing the Travel Voucher. Click the link and then click on Try It. The voucher should be submitted to at the conclusion of the trip for anyone seeking reimbursement.

Training for Concur

How to Log In to Concur
How to Set Up Travel Assistant
How to Log In as a Travel Assistant
How to Book for a Guest

Training Videos

    1. Updating Your Travel Profile
    2. Exploring the Concur Home Page
    3. Booking a Flight
    4. Booking a Hotel
    5. Booking a Car

    Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) & Journal Worksheet Training Link

    Testing Link

    JWS Test File