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As it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat, the University of North Texas System and its member institutions are committed to the well-being and safety of our students, faculty and staff. In responsibly planning the immediate future, UNT System leadership teams have spent significant hours preparing to safely begin reopening aspects of our campuses and office facilities. A cross-institutional team of experts from all UNTS institutions and system headquarters worked with the Chancellor and Presidents to provide several system-wide guidelines. Current UNT System guidelines, applicable to all member institutions, can be found below and will be updated regularly as circumstances change. For information specific to a UNT System institution, please visit the COVID-19 web sites for UNT, UNT Health Science Center and UNT Dallas.

Know Before You Go

Before returning to working on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is your responsibility to know what is expected, so know before you go!

NOTE: System Administration employees must follow the rules/guidelines associated with the affiliated campus where located.


Know that you must do a self-assessment prior to arriving on campus each day.


Know where to find the required training you must take prior to returning to campus to work.


Know that you are socially and professionally responsible for all of the above items and to act accordingly to ensure your safety and that of your colleagues.

Tentative Plans for 2020 Summer & Fall

(Updated 5/11/20)

Face-to-Face Operations Guidance

  • The overall strategy for physical return to the workplace will be gradual and driven by our business needs and the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. At all times the strategy will be focused on minimizing risk, while simultaneously optimizing our performance and the services we provide to our institutions. With this in mind, physical interaction will be minimized and the safety of the physical environment will be maximized.

Academics and Research

  • While the vast majority of summer classes will be delivered remotely, all of our campuses will begin to gradually re-open in some capacity this summer.
  • Academic programming this fall will be delivered through a hybrid model that includes both in-person and remote coursework. Specific details on academic planning will be forthcoming in the near future from our institutions.
  • Research initiatives will gradually begin to resume this summer through a phased process.
  • Our approach to returning faculty and staff to their offices will be phased, based on job duties and needs. This will be clearly communicated as we further solidify plans, but until that time all team members that are currently working remotely will continue to do so until their supervisor instructs otherwise.

Protective Equipment, Safety Measures, and Sanitization

  • Significant safety/sanitization precautions will be taken – this includes protocols for COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and precautionary isolation of individuals that may have been exposed to the virus.
  • Masks are expected to be worn during person-to-person interactions in our facilities and some roles will require additional PPE.
  • Our buildings will be deep-cleaned frequently and will have signage installed to provide clear safety guidelines.
  • Flow plans for foot traffic will be created using one-way corridors when possible, and maximum elevator capacities will be established and monitored.
  • Classrooms, offices, common spaces and residence halls will be reconfigured to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Additional Precautions

  • Suspending system/university-sponsored international travel until further notice.
  • Only domestic travel necessary for business continuity will be supported until further notice.
  • Faculty, staff or students returning from countries with travel restrictions or visiting a UNTS campus or office from a country with travel restrictions will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Minimizing large public gatherings on all campuses.
  • Payroll checks are no longer be available for in-person pick up. We are requesting that people transition to Direct Deposit or the Brinks Skylight Money Card. More information on the Paychecks Update on the HR site.

Additional details on all of the elements listed above will be announced in coming weeks. While a high degree of uncertainty remains with coronavirus, we will adapt our plans as necessary and remain flexible. Above all, we are committed to fulfilling our missions and maintaining safe communities for our students, faculty, and staff.

COVID-19 Employee Resources

Any UNT System employees with symptoms or exposure to the COVID-19 virus should contact their human resources representative and inform their supervisor. Additionally, employees with symptoms or exposure to the virus may contact Texas Local Public Health Organizations.

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS: Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

COVID-19 Websites for our Institutions

Each unique UNT System institution has its own set of dynamic circumstances to navigate, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to mitigating the risk of COVID-19. With that in mind, each of our universities are updating their campus communities regularly through their respective institutional web sites.

Please click on the links below to visit a UNT System campus web site for the most up-to-date campus information as it relates to COVID-19