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Information Technology Shared Services (ITSS) keeps UNT System entities running, whether the task is checking and responding to email, keeping grades updated or maintaining the payroll system for the system's 5,000 employees and 40,000 students. Comprised of 260 staff members at various locations providing 60 different services, the ITSS staff is charged with keeping up with everything from maintaining the UNT System's technology infrastructure and hardware to supporting the software faculty, staff and students run on their computers at each campus.

ITSS provides services for four primary customers and the programs within those institutions:

Customer Testimonials

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Our goal is to best serve our customers at all of the UNT System locations.  We want to constantly provide service and technology that is better, faster, more efficient for our end users, especially our students.  Take a look at how we serve the UNT System entities and their people:


ITSS provides all the technological services that help students to become successful, starting with the recruiting process, taking them through the electronic systems that help them be advised and registration and, finally, through storing transcripts and other records electronically. Students can manage their entire college experience online and from any device through

ITSS also makes life smoother for students by ensuring their demographic information is made available in computer systems that are used for housing, parking, dining services and scholarships/financial aid to each campus service so students don't have to fill out multiple forms with the same information.

If students are experiencing trouble with email, registering for classes or any other issue, they can contact the campus help desk at, email, 940-565-2324, or visiting its office at Sage Hall, Room 130.

Top services provided to students are:

  • This portal allows UNT students to access grades, transcripts, schedules and other important resources.
  • This portal allows HSC students to access grades, transcripts, schedules and other important resources.
  • Account Management System: This portal allows students to manage their account credentials and passwords.
  • EagleConnect: This portal allows students access their campus email and stored documents.
  • Learning Management System (Canvas): This allows faculty and students to keep up with classroom instruction.


ITSS provides the foundation for Blackboard Learn, the software system that allows faculty members to conduct online classes and discussions with their students. ITSS also provides the infrastructure for inputting and monitoring grades.

And if faculty need help with grants, ITSS has set up a system for keeping track of deadlines and applications.

Top services provided to faculty are:

  • This portal allows UNT faculty to view their paycheck and vacation and sick leave balances and find human resources information.
  • This portal allows HSC faculty to view their paycheck and vacation and sick leave balances and find human resources information.
  • Learning Management System (Canvas): This allows for enhanced classroom instruction.
  • SharePoint: This allows for the creation of websites.


ITSS helps employees before their first day on the job and long after they leave.
Newly hired employees can complete new hire forms online. They can keep track of information — such as vacation days, benefit signup and salary level — through the campus portal pages. Staff members also can get a UNT email address that stays with them after they've retired.

ITSS also helps with business tasks of UNT. Thanks to new e-Pro software, purchase requests can be submitted online instead of on paper forms that previously had to be routed from department to department. Such streamlined processes makes work more efficient and less time consuming.

ITSS also hosts the software for payroll, donations, finance, budgeting and document collaboration.

Top services provided to staff are:

UNT System

ITSS also provides the infrastructure that operates the computer hardware, servers and telephone systems for all of our system entities. And ITSS handles the technology for EagleAlerts, which quickly inform the UNT community about any campus emergencies or closings.

The department also serves as the main point of contact for computer security for every system institution. If you suspect you have received a phishing email or hacking attempt, contact them right away so they can begin incident response procedures.

Other services provided by ITSS:

  • Infrastructure, including data centers, servers, virtual servers, storage, backup/recovery and networking
  • Email, web services, SharePoint, unified messaging, file shares
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet access
  • Desktop services
  • Acquisition and licensing for widely used software and services
  • Management of all incident tracking across all campuses and the system
  • A new Governance/Portfolio/Project Management system that support initiative requests through project management in a single tool for all ITSS initiatives

Staying Accountable

ITSS shows its commitment to its customers with Service Level Agreements. These agreements keep track of how ITSS services are working — keeping ITSS accountable, transparent and ready to respond quickly to any problems.

ITSS makes the agreements with an institution in the UNT System to provide service for a certain level of time — such as 99.5 percent of the time. Customers can access that information thanks to two online reporting dashboards with data updated every 60 seconds: