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Electronic Reports Investment Disclosure

Designated person to handle University of North Texas inquiries:

Luke Lybrand
1901 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75201

    Investment Related Questions

    Investment Related Questions as Required by the SAO As of August 31, 2019
    1. Does the institution employ outside investment advisors or managers and, if so, who are they (provide individual or firm name and address)? Yes. University of North Texas System Administration’s Long Term Investment Pool is managed by DiMeo Schneider & Associates.
      Do the outside investment advisors or managers have the authority to make investment decisions without obtaining prior approval? The investment advisor DiMeo Schneider & Associates does have the authority to make investment decisions without obtaining prior approval for investments in the Long Term Pool.
      • Investment Advisor:
        DiMeo Schneider & Associates, LLC
        ​500 W. Madison Street, Suite 1700
        Chicago, Illinois 60661
        • ​ NOTE: Institutions should include all consultants and “separately managed account” portfolio managers (in which the underlying investments are wholly owned by the institution) in this disclosure.
          Institutions that, in addition, choose to disclose information about their participation in various forms of “commingled funds” should distinguish that information from the required listing of “separately managed” investment accounts. In general, commingled funds represent pooled investments in which multiple investors contribute money to the fund and own a share of the pool but do not own the individual investments. This structure could include the various pooled investment funds managed by Commonfund, as well as “alternative investments” such as hedge funds and limited partnerships that invest in private equity, real estate, or other assets.
    2. Does the institution use soft dollar, directed brokerage or directed commission, commission recapture, or similar arrangements (these arrangements typically involve using brokerage commissions as a means of paying for other related investment services through credits of a portion of brokerage commissions paid rather than through direct payments, or using selected brokers who will rebate a portion of commissions they receive on trades for the investor)? No.
      If the answer to this question is yes, the institution must summarize briefly the guidelines that govern the use of such arrangements. N/A
    3. Is the institution associated with an independent endowment or foundation? No.
      If the answer to this question is yes, the institution must provide contact information (name and address) for the individual(s) who manage the independent endowment or foundation. The institution must also provide, if available, the market value of the endowment’s or foundation’s investments. N/A