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Campus Project Name Details Substantial Completion Date
University of North Texas New Dining Hall

This project will construct a new, two-story, stand‐alone dining facility with seating for 700 east of the Business Leadership Building. The design of the kitchen and servery area will maximize the visibility and accessibility of freshly prepared foods on display. Current plans for the facility also include a retail dining concept.

August, 2020
University of North Texas Fouts Field Demolition, Parking, and Bus Transfer Station

This project will demolish the remaining portions of the existing Fouts Field structure and field. Once demolished, surface parking of approximately 1,100 additional spaces will be constructed. The existing parking lot will be reconstructed and reconfigured as necessary to accommodate efficient use. A new bus transfer station will also be constructed as part of this project that provide protection from the elements and will house restrooms and vending machines for riders.  Once the construction of the new parking spaces is complete, Lot 20 will be one of the largest surface parking lots on the main campus and will be the transportation hub for connections to external DCTA routes.

September, 2019
University of North Texas Discovery Park Biomedical Engineering Addition

This project will construct an addition onto the existing main building at the UNT Discovery Park campus.  The addition will provide growth space for the new Biomedical Engineering program.  Currently, the academic program occupies a small amount of office space within Discovery Park.  This addition will provide necessary additional space for research laboratories, teaching space and support spaces.  In 2015, a space study was conducted at Discovery Park, which recommended increased square footage and modifications to the facility.  That study, along with the Biomedical Engineering Program Document, will ensure that the project is consistent with the institution’s strategic plan and vision.

July, 2019
University of North Texas Indoor Practice Facility

This project will construct an indoor practice facility for UNT Athletics just south of the Athletics Center on the site of one of the two existing outdoor football practice fields. The facility will house a full-length artificial turf football field and three-lane track. Also included are filming/viewing platforms, an alumni/recruiting lounge, and necessary support spaces.

July, 2019
UNT Dallas Student Learning and Success Center

This project will construct the third major building on the UNT Dallas campus. This technologically advanced multi-purpose facility will serve students, faculty and staff by providing library spaces, which do not currently exist on campus, and enhanced spaces for student support services. There is an entire wing dedicated to providing “one-stop” student support services including seminar rooms, math and writing labs, a tutoring center, study skills programs, and accessibility services. The building will also house an IT helpdesk and will feature digital initiatives such as media production services, testing facilities, a Maker Space, distance learning, and videoconferencing. This facility will also feature a Knowledge Commons library, a media library, a curriculum materials center, archives, and special collections. A large Campus Hall and conference space will accommodate faculty development and public outreach gatherings.

March, 2019
UNT Dallas Dallas Municipal Building and Associated Law Buildings

This project will renovate the historic Dallas Municipal Building to accommodate five hundred (500) law students for day and evening classes. These renovations will provide permanent facilities for the UNT Dallas College of Law and allow for continued enrollment growth. When complete, the renovations will provide state-of-the-art flexible classrooms, seminar rooms, instructional lab spaces, an expanded law library, an on-site clinic resource center, faculty and administrative offices, and other support areas for students, faculty and staff. These spaces will maximize collaborative learning throughout the student's legal education by providing classroom and seminar environments typical of a law school. The on-site clinic space will include interview and counsel workspaces, faculty offices, and necessary support spaces to maximize the student simulation experience.

February, 2019
University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design

The College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD) is currently housed in seven facilities across the Denton campus. With the construction of this project, the College’s operations and instructional activities will be much more consolidated. This will be a multi-story building with a brick façade located east of the existing Art Building. The facility includes classrooms, computer laboratories, teaching labs, study areas, seminar rooms, multimedia learning, art galleries, student exhibition spaces, and critique areas. The additional space will accommodate new and expanding programs within CVAD. It will also include advanced and graduate student studios, administrative offices, meeting rooms, and informal work areas. The project also includes renovation of the existing building.

January, 2019
University of North Texas 1500 I-35E Exterior Renovation

Upon acquisition of 1500 I-35, the 45,350 sq. ft. former grocery store was assessed internally by UNT System and UNT Campus Facilities to gain a preliminary scope of work that would be required to meet campus building guidelines. UNTS began with these requirements and hired Corgan, the design team, to further investigate and finalize the scope of work for what we would call Phase I; the Core and Shell portion of the project.

December, 2018
UNT Health Science Center Interdisciplinary Research Building

This project is a multi-story building on the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) campus. The facility will house research laboratories, active learning classrooms, teaching labs, collaboration areas, seminar rooms, and associated student learning spaces. Faculty and administrative offices will also be included in this building with office suites, meeting rooms and collaborative work areas. This building will be home to the University of North Texas System College of Pharmacy (UNTSCP), the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine, and the North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI).

November, 2018
University of North Texas Track and Field/Soccer Stadium

The project will construct a new Track & Field/Soccer stadium on the Eagle Point site south of the existing Waranch Tennis Complex. The facility will consist of a NCAA regulation running track, soccer field inside the track, and other field sport facilities with seating, concession stand, locker rooms, coaches and official's area, and restrooms.

July, 2018
University of North Texas Coliseum Concourse Renovation

This project will provide for the renovation of the interior concourse of the Coliseum. Work include updates to interior finishes, wayfinding signage, ceilings, bathrooms and lighting. The project will also address accessibility and other functionality throughout the public areas including the addition of ticket booths on the east and west concourse.

April, 2018
UNT Dallas UNT Dallas Residence Hall

The university developed its first on-campus residence as a living-learning community of approximately 120 beds. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the residence hall, officially named Wisdom Hall, was held on August 3, 2017.

October, 2017
University of North Texas Fraternity Row Site Development

This site development project prepared a portion of campus property for future development of several fraternity houses.

May, 2017
University of North Texas Central Pedestrian Path Extension at Clark Park

This project extended the central pedestrian path completed at Rawlins Hall, on the south side of Maple Street, across the green space on the north side of Maple Street to the corner of Highland Street and Avenue C.

May, 2017
University of North Texas Science Research Building (SRB) Renovation

This project involved multiple phases, replacing the exterior building envelope and renovation of the first floor interiors. This interior renovation provides open concept laboratories with support spaces, along with other necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing modifications for the building.

February, 2017