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Employee Engagement

Help us make the UNT System a “Best Place to Work”

Employee engagement plays a strategic role within the UNT System. Strong engagement increases emotional or psychological commitment to the UNT System and its campuses, and motivates faculty and staff to do their best work while contributin to the UNT System’s success.
Our ultimate goal in measuring engagement is to find ways to increase our collective satisfaction and contribution to the organization. 

The 2019 UNT System Employee Engagement Survey took place April 5, 2019 through April 17, 2019. 

NEW for 2019:

Several faculty and staff members at each campus have requested the option to provide comments with their surveys, rather than simply rate each category. In cooperation with Gallup, three open-ended questions were added to the 2019 Gallup survey to allow you to provide additional feedback. These questions include: 

  • Over the next year, what should UNT System concentrate on to improve this institution as a best place to work?
  • What is the most important action your supervisor could take to positively impact your engagement?
  • What changes would you make to improve your institution?

Next Steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with the UNT System’s engagement resources and training tools.
  • Share with your teams the progress your units have made in the impact planning. After all, they need to know that their survey participation is making a difference. Watch for more details about our employee engagement initiative.

If you have questions or need training or support, email your Campus HR representatives: