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ePAR Submissions

Business Support Services manages the Electronic Payroll Action Request, known as ePar. Contact the BSS:

  • Woodhill Office Park, 1112 Dallas Drive, Denton, Texas 76205; call 1-855-868-4357.
  • Find Payroll deadlines.

Human Resources helps with recruiting, hiring and Onboarding - the online service needed to verify employment and create official records. An ePar must be approved by the hiring manager and Human Resources before an employee begins work.

  • After an ePar is approved, Payroll manages time and labor records submitted by department managers.
  • When an employee leaves for any reason (retirement, to take another job, dismissed) an ePar to stop monthly salary payments must be submitted by the department manager. This ePar must be approved by the departing employee's supervisor and must be sent to the Business Support Services.

Departments in Business Support Services also manage procurement, travel, W-2 and W-4 forms and tax-exempt information.

An ePar also must be submitted when a faculty, staff or student employee leaves the university for any reason - resignation, retirement, involuntary separation.