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Flexible Work Arrangement

At the UNT System, we believe that work is what you do, not necessarily where you go each day. In support of that philosophy, UNT System is promoting Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA). 

What are Flexible Work Arrangements?

Flexible Work Arrangements allow our staff to work at a time from a location other than their office or cubicle, when appropriate and as approved by their supervisor(s).

There are three types of Flexible Work Arrangements:

  • Flex Time: Work 40 hours a week, but not necessarily Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. This may look like coming in early, leaving early, etc. based on supervisor approval. Flex time also applies if you work 20-39 hours per week.
  • Remote Work: Working remotely from a pre-approved location other than your office during hours agreed by a staff member’s supervisor(s).
  • Compressed Workweek: Work extended daily hours in order to take a portion of a day or a full day off during the work period. This may look like four 10-hour days per week, 9-hour days for one day off every other week, etc. based on supervisor approval. 

How can Managers/Supervisors and Staff Learn More?

Flexible Work Arrangements require significant communication and collaboration between supervisors and their staff. The official policy and forms are below, as well as links to required training and tips to implement FWA well going forward.

University Policies & Forms

UNT Flexible Work Arrangement

Questions? Contact your UNT Campus HR Team at or call 940-565-2281.

UNTHSC Flexible Work Arrangement

Questions? Contact your UNTHSC Campus HR Team at or call 817-735-2690 .

UNT Dallas Flexible Work Arrangement

Questions? Contact your UNTD Campus HR Team at or call 972-338-1410.

UNT System Administration

Questions? Contact Gary Finney, your System HR Director, at or call  972-338-1411.

Training (REQUIRED)

Employees are required to complete ONE training course related to developing flexible work arrangements specific to remote work to ensure understanding of mutual responsibilities before employees can submit a flexible work arrangement schedule for review and approval.  Supervisors are required to complete ONE training course related to developing flexible work arrangements specific to remote work before supervisors can approve any positions for consideration of such arrangements.  Supervisors also have the option to take an additional in-person training on managing flexible workers.
Both employee and supervisor must complete the training before the flexible work arrangement can be negotiated.

Training is offered online only. Once you have completed your training course, it will be documented within the UNT System Learning Management System.  Enrolling in the training is simple:

  • Complete Online Training for Supervisors Here (Please use Chrome or Firefox to access this training.)
  • Complete Online Training for Staff Here (Please use Chrome or Firefox to access this training.)
  • Register for In-Person Training via the Learning Portal (Click 'Find Learning' button and search "Flexible Work" or “Managing Remote Workers”) Courses (Optional)

  • Managing Virtual Teams: a online video course with tips and strategies to help you successfully manage your remote workers
  • Working Remotely: a online video course that will help you learn how to work remotely and remain connected to your team and organization.


Frequently Asked Questions