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Grievance Procedure - UNT Only

UNT encourages direct communication between supervisors and employees to promptly resolve workplace concerns. Employees are encouraged to use conflict resolution skills or a mediator and other resources to resolve differences.

The steps described here are applicable only to UNT in Denton. If you need assistance at another location, please contact Human Resources at UNTHSC or UNT Dallas, which includes UNT Dallas College of Law and UNT System Administration.

If a formal grievance process is needed, the university provides a fair process for employees to present and resolve grievances arising out of the employment relationship. This process helps:

  • Resolve concerns as quickly as possible.

  • Increase the parties’ satisfaction solutions.

  • Develop positive and effective communication between the employee and supervisor.

  • Preserve an ongoing working relationship.

Grievance - A grievance is an employee’s formal expression of disagreement or dissatisfaction with employment-related concerns, such as working conditions, hours of work, compensation, environment or relationships with supervisors or other employees. This does not include involuntary terminations.

  • Involuntary Termination Review - An involuntary termination review is a staff employee's formal request to review an involuntary termination of employment.

  • Alleged Discrimination or Harassment - Any complaint involving alleged discrimination under the law or sexual harassment; this should be filed with the UNT Office of Equal Opportunity, 940-565-2711. 

A complaint or grievance should be presented to UNT Campus Human Resources within ten (10) working days of the date of the action or condition giving rise to the complaint or grievance. Grievances should be submitted using the UNT Employee Grievance/Involuntary Termination Review form, below. 

An involuntary termination review should be presented to UNT Human Resources within five (5) working days after the staff employee receives notice of termination of employment or after the staff employee receives notice of a decision by a reviewing official, as applicable.

Involuntary Termination Reviews should be submitted to UNT Human Resources, Sycamore Hall, Room 119, by using the UNT Employee Grievance/Involuntary Termination Review form.