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HEAF Guidelines


Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF funds) are provided by the State of Texas for public universities to acquire land; construct, equip, repair or rehabilitate buildings or other permanent improvements; and acquire capital equipment, library books, and library materials, subject to various expenditure restrictions. BSC Purchasing has standardized and clarified HEAF guidelines for all UNT System campuses effective June 1, 2013. Some specific points outlined are:

  1. HEAF fund purchases are not delegated to departments and must be requisitioned through Purchasing regardless of dollar amount. Departmental Purchasing Card purchases may not be made using HEAF funds.
  2. HEAF purchases coordinated through the UNT System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (UNTS FP&C) are subject to UNTS FP&C guidelines.
  3. Purchases with HEAF funds must have an individual unit cost of $250 or more*, excluding library books and library materials. 
    *Excludes costs associated with construction projects, e.g. broom to clean up construction site.
  4. Advance payments cannot be paid using HEAF funds.
  5. Office Supplies cannot be paid using HEAF funds.
  6. Equipment & Computer Hardware maintenance agreements and extended warranties not purchased as part of the original acquisition cannot be paid using HEAF funds.
  7. Maintenance, minor repairs and operating expenses cannot be paid with HEAF funds.
  8. Property insurance cannot be paid with HEAF funds.
  9. Systems which in normal usage could be moved from building to building or from room to room are not defined as permanent improvements.
  10. HEAF purchases are subject to State payment guidelines, which calls for scheduling of payments 30 days from the latest of the following:
    • The date the agency received the goods
    • The date the performance of the contract service was completed
    • The date the agency received an invoice
  11. Exceptions to the payment guidelines are granted based on a strict set of criteria – please reach out to your buyer to determine if your procurement would qualify for a prepayment.

Please click to view complete HEAF FAQ