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Purchasing Card Program

The Purchasing Card program is offered to help simplify small dollar purchasing needs. The information and job aides below are provided to assist you in understanding the purchasing card program policy and guidelines.  Items are listed in alphabetical order.  The type of items you will find on this resource list includes links to outside sources and visual job aides. 

Concur Documents

PCard Guides

Disputed Transactions

Disputed Transactions - If the cardholder notes a disputed transaction they should contact the supplier. If the dispute cannot be resolved with the supplier, the cardholder should contact Citibank at the number on the back of the purchasing card to file a dispute over the telephone.  Citibank will then email the appropriate form to the cardholder.  The cardholder should attach a copy of any disputed form filed with Citibank with the monthly transaction documentation. 

Lost/Stolen Cards

Lost/Stolen Cards - For lost or stolen cards, call Citibank with the number on the back of your Purchasing Card at 1.800.248.4553 immediately to report that the Purchasing Card is missing and request a replacement. Direct Citibank to mail you the replacement card at your departmental mailing address. Also, call the Purchasing Card Administrator at 940.565.3204 or 855.868.4537 and your department manager to advise that you have called Citibank.

Monthly Data Entry Deadlines

Monthly Data Entry Deadlines - At the conclusion of each billing cycle, all transactions recorded in Concur Pcard Module should have a “Business Purpose”, be allocated and have receipts attached. Click on the link above for dates.

Purchasing Card Abuse

Purchasing Card Abuse - If you observe or suspect abuse of Purchasing Card Program Guidelines, you may submit an anonymous concern using this Report Purchasing Card Abuse form.


Receipts - Itemized receipts are required. A good receipt includes the date of purchase, the name of the business, a description of what was purchased, the total amount paid, and the method of payment.

Tax Exempt Certificates

Tax Exempt Certificates - Purchases paid for with the purchasing card are tax exempt for State of Texas vendors. If tax is paid, the cardholder is responsible for having a refund credited back the card.

Vendor Status Checks

Vendor Status Checks -  When making a purchase over $500.00, a vendor hold search must be conducted before making the purchase. TINS - Vendor Hold Search