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Regents Rules

Note: Many of the files above are published in PDF format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. Adobe also provides tools to make PDF files accessible to those who are visually impaired.
Chapter 01 Definitions, Style, and Citations
  01.100 Definitions, Style, and Citations
Chapter 02 Rule and Policy Development
  02.100 Regents Rule Development
  02.200 System, System Administration, and Institution Policy Development
Chapter 03 Board Governance
  03.100 Board Composition and Training
  03.200 Officers of the Board and Board Secretary
  03.300 Board Ethics and Standards of Conduct
  03.400 Committees
  03.500 Meetings
  03.600 Communications
  03.700 Board Responsibilities
  03.800 Specific Board Powers, Duties, and Authority
  03.900 Delegation of Authority for Contracts and Agreements
  03.1000 Litigation and Settlement Authority
  03.1100 Board Strategic Goals
Chapter 04 Administration
  04.100 Chancellor
  04.200 System Administration
  04.300 Institution Presidents
  04.400 Honorary Titles and Degrees
  04.500 Audit
  04.600 Organizational Charts
  04.700 Policy Prohibiting Discrimination
  04.800 System and Institutional Identity
  04.900 Compensation for Key Executives
  04.1000 Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans
  04.1100 Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing
  04.1200 Compliance and Ethics Programs
Chapter 05 Human Resources
  05.100 System and Institutional Policy Manuals
  05.200 Hiring and Appointment
  05.300 Nepotism
  05.400 Employee Training and Education
  05.500 Classified Compensation Plan
  05.600 Employee Leave
  05.700 System Administration and Institution Ethics and Standards of Conduct
  05.800 Service on Outside Boards
  05.900 Equal Employment Opportunity
  05.1000 Complaint and Grievance Process
  05.1100 Employment of Retirees
  05.1200 Hours of Work
Chapter 06 Faculty Affairs
  06.100 Shared Governance
  06.200 Institutional and Faculty Policy
  06.300 Faculty Appointments
  06.400 Rights and Responsibilities of Faculty
  06.500 Faculty Compensation
  06.600 Academic Workload Requirements
  06.700 Faculty Leaves of Absence
  06.800 Use of English Language
  06.900 Faculty Research and Creative Activity
  06.1000 Tenure
  06.1100 Evaluation of Tenured Faculty
  06.1200 Termination and Revocation of Tenure
  06.1300 Financial Exigency and Discontinuance of Academic Programs
Chapter 07 Student Affairs, Education, and Funding
  07.100 Institution Student Policies
  07.200 Admissions
  07.300 Degree Requirements
  07.400 Tuition and Fees
  07.500 Fellowships, Scholarships, and Loan Funds
Chapter 08 Intellectual Property
  08.100 Intellectual Property Philosophy and Objectives
  08.200 Rights and Obligations
  08.300 Equity Interest and Business Participation
Chapter 09 Institutional Advancement
  09.100 Gifts and Grants
  09.200 Naming of Property, Programs and Academic Positions
  09.300 Endowment Funds
  09.400 Gifts and Contracts from Foreign Sources
  09.500 Affiliated Entities
  09.600 Advisory Councils
Chapter 10 Fiscal Management
  10.100 Investments
  10.200 Accounting, Operating Budgets, and Appropriation Requests
  10.300 Debt Management
  10.400 Historically Underutilized Business Program
  10.500 Disposal of Property
  10.600 Travel Expenditures and Reimbursement
  10.700 Fraud Policy
  10.800 Identity Theft
  10.900 Monitoring of Legislative Appropriation Expenditure Activity and Reporting
  10.1000 Review, Approval, and Validation of Legislative Appropriation Requests
Chapter 11 Facilities and Real Estate

  11.100 Master Plan
  11.200 Construction Projects
  11.300 Real Property
  11.400 Real Property Acquisition by Eminent Domain
  11.500 System or Institution Action Affecting Private Real Property Rights
  11.600 Use of Buildings, Facilities, Structures, and Outdoor Spaces
  11.700 Parking and Traffic