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Reissue Payroll Check Request Form

Please select the reason you are requesting a check be reissued.

Please first verify that your mailing address is correct in EIS before submitting this form. Additionaly, please check with the Department to make sure your check is not being held there. To verify or make changes to your mailing address, click here to go to Employee Self-Service.

Check Date

If the check is damaged, please write "VOID" across the check after requesting the check to be reissued.


DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM. If the check date is 6 months or greater, the funds for the check have been sent to the State of Texas as unclaimed property. You will need to start the claims process by going to website.


Personal Information
If you need to make changes to your name and/or address, please sign in to Self-Service.
Check Information
To find the Check Number/Check Date/Check Amount values to complete this section, please sign-in to the Self-Service.
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