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Requisitions in ePro 9.2

The information on this webpage will help you proceed through the requisition process using the 9.2 version of EIS. The Purchasing department strives to maintain efficient operations while adhering to the requirements of the UNT System, state and federal laws, rules, and procedures. Our mission is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational and research missions of the UNT System campuses. Please contact Purchasing if you have any questions or for additional assistance.

For help completing Chart of Accounts (COA) Chartfields:
9.0 Account to 9.2 Account Lookup (03/01/2016)
9.0 DeptID to 9.2 FoaPs Lookup (03/01/2016) 

For further COA assistance, please contact your campus Budget Office.

Compatible Browsers

Firefox is the preferred internet browser choice when accessing EIS 9.2, and Chrome is available as a secondary option.

Purchasing Contact Information


1112 Dallas Drive, Suite 4000
Denton, TX 76205


1.855.868.4357 (Toll-Free)



Category Tool

Please use this Category Tool spreadsheet to help you find the right category depending on what is purchased when filling out a Requisition. The spreadsheet is filter-enabled that allows you to only see the categories that apply to a particular group - all categories that could be used when ordering "Goods," for example. There are also keywords that allow for a search on a single word that can also pinpoint a category - "speaker."

Please use these tips for How to Filter Data in Excel.

Approver Proxy Request

The UNT System Approver Proxy Request Form should only be completed by DeptID/ProjID holders or their designee to grant ePro and ABA approver proxy and signature authority to another user.

Requests for approver proxy exceeding 90 days will be reviewed by the appropriate Vice Chancellor or Vice President for approval.