Wind Turbines, UNT

Wind Turbines, UNT
Wind Turbines, UNT, Denton

Wind Turbines, UNT
Wind Turbines, UNT, Denton

Project Name: Wind Turbines
Project Manager: Don Lynch
Construction Manager: Harald McFarling
General Contractor: Cascade Engineering Inc
Architect: HKS Inc


Project Status: Completed
Start Date: February 2011
Projected End Date: March 2012
Budget: $2,000,000



As part of University's comprehensive strategy to become a leader in sustainability and achieve carbon neutrality, UNT sought to incorporate renewable energy technology on the Eagle Point Campus.  Funded by a grant from the State Energy Conservation Office, installation of the UNT Wind Turbines was completed in February 2012.  UNT is the first university in Texas to have wind turbines placed on campus property and the first university in the United States to integrate renewable technology into an athletic complex and football stadium.