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General Counsel


The Office of General Counsel represents the University of North Texas System, including its Board of Regents and its Universities, in all legal matters. We are committed to excellence. We work collaboratively to render advice in an atmosphere of trust and respect. Through our legal services we assist our clients in fulfilling their mission and achieving their goals.


Legal information provided by the Office of General Counsel is intended ONLY as general legal information to the University of North Texas System, its component institutions, and their officers, and employees. The information contained in this site, and related links, is not a substitute for professional legal counsel. Any discrepancy between information in this site and University of North Texas System policy is not intended to alter or amend official University of North Texas System policy. Inclusion of any link or reference to any entity, public or private, is not intended to be a warranty or endorsement of the completeness or quality of information contained therein, or of any sponsor of such information.