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Legal Review of Contracts

The University of North Texas System Rules of the Board of Regents (“Regents Rules”) set forth the System-wide policy regarding legal review of contracts and agreements. Regents Rule 03.906 exempts certain contracts from individualized legal review, and is essentially in two parts: (1) an exemption from individualized legal review for approved standard form agreements, and (2) an exemption from legal review for contracts and agreements that meet criteria published annually by the Office of General Counsel (“Criteria for Exemption”). Annual revision and publication of the Criteria for Exemption will provide flexibility to the institutions and to the System Administration by allowing modifications that may expand or retract the scope of the Criteria for Exemption as appropriate, without seeking additional Board of Regents approval. The Board of Regents and the Chancellor, as well as the Presidents and their administrations will be provided an opportunity to review and consider the Criteria for Exemption annually prior to its publication and implementation.

View 03.900 Delegation of Authority for Contracts and Agreements

Criteria for Exemption