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Standard and Model Contracts

In addition to the contracts listed in the Criteria for Exemption, Standard Contracts are exempt from individualized legal review. Standard Contracts are contracts prepared on forms created by the Office of General Counsel, which have been reviewed and approved in writing by the Office of General Counsel for use without individualized legal review. The Office of General Counsel will provide written authorization to use a Standard Contract without additional legal review via a memo that will be provided to you with the form contract. You should attach a copy of this memo to a Standard Contract when you submit it for signature. Written approval for the use of a Standard Contract will expire every two years, at which time the Standard Contract will be reviewed, revised if needed, and re-approved if appropriate.

The Office of General Counsel has already identified several contracts that could be used effectively in this manner, and will continue to expand this list with System-wide input, projecting that approximately 50 Standard Contracts and Agreements will be drafted and approved for use during Fiscal Year 2008.

  Examples of Standard Contracts and Agreements are the Murchison Facilities Use Agreement, the International Studies International Memorandum of Agreement (UNT), and Medical Student Affiliation Agreement (UNTHSC).

The Office of General Counsel will also produce several Model Contracts to serve as templates for the creation of contracts and agreements that will not be exempt from individualized legal review due to risks inherent in their subject matter and/or administrative requirements. Legal review of contracts and agreements that are based on these templates will be expedited.

  Examples of model agreements are the Head Coach Employment Agreement (UNT) and the Medical Director Agreement (UNTHSC).

If you have suggestions or requests for the development of new Standard and Model Agreements, please contact the Office of General Counsel.