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Records Manager, Total Rewards

Dorothy Cummings

Dorothy Cummings

Human Resources
Records Manager, Total Rewards

Business Service Center, Office #4141

(817) 735-7650, Option 4


Records Fax: 817-735-7655
Records Center, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays, 855-878-7650 with Caller Options:

  • Press 1 =  Employment Verifications, The Work Number

  • Press 2 =  Benefits and Retirement

  • Press 3 =  Job Applications, Onboarding

  • Press 4 =  Records

  • Press 5 =  All Other Topics

Dorothy is a Certified Facilitator for the Achieving Service Excellence initiative, the program to create a culture of customer service for the UNT System.

As Records Manager, Dorothy provides on-going leadership and develops partnerships to reconcile UNT System’s overall strategy with the business needs and processes of its campuses and departments.

She lead shared services’ first call center for Human Resources operations and was Human Resources functional lead for the Human Capital Management PeopleSoft Upgrade.

She joined the UNT System in 2012 with 14 years of progressive experience as an HR professional. Dorothy has managed human resources teams for a variety of industries, providing HR services in the area of employee relations, employee management and counsel, information technologies, legal compliance, organizational behavior and development, policy development and administration, recruitment, training and development, in positions that supported from 75 to 650 employees.

Teaching is a passion for Dorothy; she has served as an adjunct faculty member for a number of colleges and universities. The topics she has taught includes management, organizational behavior and organizational development.

Dorothy holds a bachelor’s degree in education, with an English minor from the University of South Carolina and a master of science in Human Resource Management from Nova Southeastern University.