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UNT System Administration Policies

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Chapter 01 - Form and Content of System Administration Policies

01.100 Policy on Policies

Chapter 03 - Human Resources

03.100 Human Resources Administration

03.101 Office and Working Hours *Recently revised*

03.102 Employee Information and Personal Data 

03.105 Reimbursement to Employees

03.106 Payroll 

03.107 Employee Forms

03.108 Time Sheets

03.111 Contributions to Charitable Organizations

03.114 Unemployment Compensation Insurance

03.115 Workers' Compensation Insurance

03.118 HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention

03.119 Return to Work Program

03.120 Flexible Work Arrangement *Recently revised*

03.200 Hiring and Appointment

03.201 New Employee Requirements *Recently Revised*

03.202 Employment of Non-Citizens *Recently revised*

03.204 Employment of Personnel  *Recently revised*

03.209 Reduction in Force *Recently revised*

03.211 Retirement *Recently revised*

03.213 Criminal History Background Checks  *New policy*

03.300 Employment of Relatives

03.301 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism Rule) *Recently revised*

03.400 Employee Training and Education

03.401 Training and Development

03.402 Staff Development/Performance Planning and Review

03.403 Staff Employee Discipline

03.500 Employee Compensation

03.501 Classification of Jobs

03.502 Salary Administration

            03.502 Procedure for Salary Administration

03.503 Longevity Pay *Recently revised*

03.504 Supplemental Compensation

03.600 Employee Leave

03.601 Absence/Attendance

03.602 Compensatory Leave and Overtime

03.603 Emergency Leave, Leave During an Investigation and Administrative Leave

03.604 Holidays

03.606 Leave of Absence Without Pay

03.607 Military Leave Employees (Annual or Short Term)

03.608 Military Leave (Extended) Reinstatement of Veterans

03.609 Sick Leave

03.610 Sick Leave Pool

03.611 Time and Attendance/Leave Records

03.613 Vacation Leave

03.614 Absence to Attend Conferences and Professional Meetings

03.616 Employee Well-being *Recently revised*

03.619 Parental Leave  *Recently revised*

03.621 Family and Medical Leave

03.622  Sick Leave Donation

03.623 Miscellaneous Leave with Pay *New*

03.700 Ethics and Standards of Conduct

03.701 Ethics and Standards of Conduct

03.702 Dual Employment with other Texas State Agencies or Public Institutions of Higher Education *Recently revised*

03.703 Consensual Relationships

03.704 Workplace Violence

03.705 Prohibition of Sexual Assault and Retaliation

03.800 Service on Outside Boards

03.801 Outside Employment and Other Activities

03.900 Equal Employment Opportunity and Nondiscrimination

03.901 Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Related Retaliation (Including Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, and Stalking)

03.902 Employment of People with Disabilities

03.903 Employment of Veterans

03.904 Sexual Harassment

03.905 Information and Procedural Guidelines for Pursuing and Resolving a Complaint of Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment

03.906 Lactation Support

03.1000 Employee Complaint and Grievance Process

03.1001 Employee Grievances

Chapter 05 - Advancement

05.300 Gifts to/for Endowment Funds

Chapter 08 - Information Technology

08.100 Information Security

08.200 Privacy *Recently revised*