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WE ARE NORTH TEXAS Podcast - Ask an epidemiologist: Dr. Microbe provides science-based updates on COVID-19, vaccines and how to best stay safe this holiday season

Thursday, December 3, 2020
Dr. Diana Cervantes Gives an Update on COVID-19

Brought to you by the University of North Texas System, WE ARE NORTH TEXAS focuses on innovation, compassion, ideas and accomplishments in our home region of Dallas-Fort Worth. Hosted by UNT System Chief Communications Officer Paul Corliss.

With COVID-19 cases spiking in North Texas and the holiday season now in full swing, Dr. Diana Cervantes – aka Dr. Microbe, head of UNT Health Science Center’s Epidemiology program – rejoins the podcast with the latest intel on coronavirus and how to best stay safe from infection. As positive cases climb to all-time highs, Dr. Cervantes provides guidance for staying safe during the winter holidays and shares her insights on COVID-19 vaccines, pandemic travel and what all this means to an epidemiologist.