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WE ARE NORTH TEXAS Podcast- UNT Dallas Law Alum Leaves Law Firm to Work as ER Nurse in NYC During Pandemic

Thursday, April 16, 2020
UNT Dallas Law Alum Jim Mullen stands in an empty Times Square during COVID-19 Pandemic


WE ARE NORTH TEXAS shares great ideas, hard work and good deeds from the University of North Texas System and its member institutions. We are innovative, diverse, caring and collaborative – we are North Texas. Hosted by UNT System Chief Communications Officer Paul Corliss.

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired Dallas attorney Jim Mullen to return to his nursing roots and seek work in a New York City emergency room. With a wife working as an emergency room doctor in Dallas and a 2-year old daughter, the decision wasn't easy -- but Mullen felt a calling and is now working in a Queens hospital that has become a coronavirus hot spot. The death and human isolation he's seen can be troubling, but the desire to give back and care for patients drives him to work daily 12-hour shifts. Hear his story from the front line in New York City.