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These forms must be completed and submitted to request all accommodations associated with the ADA - the Americans With Disabilities Act - and its amendments.

Complete and submit to Citibank when disputing a transaction.


Request Click Wrap Approval - PCard - UNT, UNTD, and UNTS - Use this form to submit a click wrap agreement to a contract specialist for PCard purchase approval.


Contracted Workforce procurements are typically in four categories:  Temporary workers supplied by staffing companies, Independent contractors, Consultants and Contracted Services to be performed by the vendor.  Use the appropriate form and attach it electronically to the requisition. 


UNT, UNTD, UNTS - Use this form to notify the property services team that an asset needs to be created when purchased with a Purchasing Card.


The purpose of this Departmental Request to Cancel a Check form is to request for a paycheck to be stopped in order to avoid overpayment to an employee.

Please complete the following:

  1. Inform the employee that their payment will be delayed or cancelled.
  2. Inform the employee that their payment will be corrected and released only when the required processing has been completed and the job records have been updated.


The UNT System seeks, hires and provides equal opportunity to qualified people with disabilities. Voluntary submission of this form helps us measure how well we are doing. All information is private.

Faculty and staff at UNT, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas and UNT System must request approval prior to starting employment with non-UNTS entities and must disclose existing outside or dual employment.


A parent or guardian must consent to the employment of minors who work at UNT System locations.  Minors on campus at UNTHSC.


When a requisition is budget checked, the funds are pre encumbered. When the purchase order is dispatched, the pre encumbrance is released and the funds are actually encumbered.  When a payment is made, the funds are then expensed reducing the PO's encumbrance.  In COGNOS, you can watch the funds move through the stages.  If you have a question about an encumbrance on your COGNOS report, use this form to send an e-mail to the purchasing team.  Be sure to include the requisition #, purchase order #, and/or voucher # which can be found on the COGNOS report.

A copy of this request will also be sent to your DeptID Holder.


Use the Staff Compensation Equity Review form to ask Human Resources Total Rewards to review and adjust a specific position's salary at UNT.


Completed Exception Request Forms must be attached to the purchase requisition and submitted to Procurement.


At the UNT System, we believe that work is what you do, not necessarily where you go each day. In support of that philosophy, UNT System is promoting Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA).  Flexible Work Arrangements allow our staff to work at a time from a location other than their office or cubicle, when appropriate and as approved by their supervisor(s).

The Foreign National Form must be completed with copies of all supporting documentation. 

Form I-9, or Employment Eligibility Verification, is a federal form and process required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. New employees must complete Form I-9 within three days of beginning employment. The UNT System also uses the federal E-Verify program provided by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.


Individuals must use Form W-8BEN Individuals. Entities must use Form W-8BEN Entities. 

▶ Information about Form W-8BEN and its separate instructions is at

▶ Give this form to the withholding agent or payer. Do not send to the IRS.

This form is to be used to file a formal grievance. This will serve as the source document for the grievance process (attach additional pages if more room is necessary). Please answer all questions fully. All supporting documentation must be attached to this grievance form at the time the grievance is filed. Additional information may be requested as necessary.

Use this form when traveling within the state of Texas. Present the certificate to the lodging establishment upon check-in. Travelers are exempt from State Occupancy Tax. If the hotel denies the exemption, the traveler must state that fact on their travel reimbursement voucher in order to be reimbursed. The Deptid/Projid will be charged for the tax amount. 

Semi-Monthly Election Form - HSC - Submit this form to elect semi-monthly payroll. (Eligibility requirements apply).

HSC Overtime Payment Approval Form.

ePro DeptID Holder Information Sheet - HSC - Use this form to submit information about the DeptID/ProjID Holder to Finance. 

The Central Services Department at UNT Health Science Center (UNTHSC) has developed a form for the purchase of controlled assets at UNTHSC. The Purchases for Controlled Assets Form must be used when a department uses a Purchasing Card (PCard) to acquire “Controlled” equipment that is required by the State Comptroller and UNTHSC to be maintained on the UNTHSC asset management system.


Any payments for personal services that are NOT one of the previously mentioned independent contractor exception categories will require that the service provider complete and sign the Independent Contractor or Employee Form each time a new service is provided. If it is a contract involving multiple payments, this form will be required only for the initial payment for each new contract. This form and all the other required forms, including the purchase order, should be sent directly to the University Tax Accountant in Payroll.


The Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT)/Interdepartmental Order (IDO) form allows for the correct recording of the requested funds and ensures that all of the proper signatures are recorded.

An IDT/IDO is used for:
1) A charge of all or part of a specific expense paid by one department and allocated to another department(s) (i.e. an event, copier charges, parking tokens, etc.)
2) A charge of a good/service provided by a department for another (i.e. CPR, background checks, rentals, etc.)
3) A charge for catering and/or printing services.


This tool will help you determine whether it is more cost effective to use a rental car than to reimburse a traveler for use of their personal vehicle.


Complete this form to request cash payment for awards, prizes and/or scholarships to individuals who are NOT a university enrolled student.  Attached the form to an ePro Requisition and include the University Tax Accountant (Carol McFarland) as an ad hoc Approver.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Contact Student Financial Aid office if a University enrolled student, payment to students will not be processed through a Requisition UNLESS GRANT FUNDS ARE USED.


These checklists assist new employees and their supervisors with completion of required steps and documentation for the beginning of a career at UNT, UNTHSC or UNT Dallas. The user guides will assist supervisors who want to check the onboarding completion status for a new hire, or for a group of new hires.  Further Onboarding information.


All purchases should be made using a Purchasing Card or Marketplace.

*** Payment Requests are now done in UNT System Marketplace. ***


Questions? Contact Patrice Victor, M.B.A. | Director, UNTS Office of Procurement, Office of Contract Administration/Strategic Sourcing/HUB, Phone: 817.735.2627, Email: 

Sole Source Form/Proprietary Purchase Justification eForm - Sole source purchases are not permitted except when clearly and thoroughly justified. 


Complete this form to apply for a purchasing card. Purchasing cards generally take 14-16 days to be delivered once the order is placed. The card will be sent directly to your home mailing address as listed with HR. Please verify your information through your HR portal ( > Personal details > Home and Mailing Address). Incorrect information will significantly delay you in receiving your new card. You are required to take training before your card will be activated. Please email your completed application form to


This form should be completed by Approvers to ensure card accounts are setup correctly.


Complete and submit this Exception Request prior to the purchase. Do not proceed with the purchase until authorization has been granted. 


Attach a completed copy of this form to any food or beverage transaction that was purchased for human consumption. 


Form for requesting an exception to the receipt documentation rules for a given purchase. For use when receipt is lost or missing.

For travel, this form is used only when the itemized portion of a receipt is missing. The form should be used to list what specific items were purchased.


Visit the Human Resources compensation page to see forms for reclassification, salary adjustment, and supplemental pay for all campuses.

This checklist is provided to assist management with completion of required steps when consideration of temporary or permanent reductions in force may be necessary. Managers are required to contact Human Resources for guidance prior to submitting a reduction request.


Before completing this Reissue Payroll Check Request Form, please verify the status of your paycheck with your department and/or supervisor.  In addition, please verify that your mailing address is correct in EIS before submitting this form.  To verify or make changes to your mailing address, click here to go to Employee Self-Service.

By completing this form:

  • I am requesting that Payroll stop payment on the payroll check I have indicated.
  • I understand that should I receive the original check, it is not to be cashed.  I will return the check to Payroll for proper handling. 
The address for returning the check is:

UNT System Payroll
1112 Dallas Drive, Suite 4000
Denton, TX  76205

Please complete all the required fields of the form in order to start the process of getting a check reissued. If you need assistance completing this form, call (940) 369-5500 or (855) 868-4357.

DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM if the check date is 6 months or greater; the funds for the check have been sent to the State of Texas as unclaimed property. You will need to start the claims process by going to website.

Please select the reason you are requesting a check be reissued.


Complete this form and attach it to requestions marked RFQ.


Use this form to request and justify a return.

Use this form to request wire transfers. All other special requests: contracts, rush payments, rush purchase orders, and prepayments should be indicated in the justification/comments section of the requisition and do not require the submission of this form.


Soaring Eagle and Star Performer Recognition are staff awards presented regularly at UNT in Denton. Learn more about UNT awards for Faculty Success and Staff Appreciation.


Use Supplemental or Task Pay Request forms to request supplemental pay for exempt staff or faculty with eligible work assignments. Forms must be submitted and approved by multiple managers prior to any work related to an additional assignment.


These certificates are for business only, not to be used for private purposes, under penalty of law.  Select the Tax Exempt form for the appropriate campus, sign your name and date the form and provide it to the vendor.


These time sheets may be used by departments and employees who do not use or do not have access to eLeave time recording. Payroll manages time and labor.


This link will take you to the Concur website where you can reconcile travel, reimbursements, and expense reporting.


TRS requires that certain designated forms be completed and submitted to TRS in order to make changes to your TRS records or to initiate certain actions relating to your TRS benefits. This section features forms intended for use by TRS active members. You also may create an account at MyTRS.


Soaring Eagle and Star Performer Recognition are staff awards presented regularly at UNT in Denton. Learn more about UNT awards for Faculty Success and Staff Appreciation.

Grievance and Involuntary Termination Procedure form is ONLY for UNT employees at UNT in Denton. A grievance or involuntary termination review may be submitted to Human Resources.

Use Supplemental or Task Pay Request forms to request supplemental pay for exempt staff or faculty with eligible work assignments. Forms must be submitted and approved by multiple managers prior to any work related to an additional assignment.

Use the Staff Compensation Equity Review form to ask Human Resources Total Rewards to review and adjust a specific position's salary at UNT.

In an effort to ensure only the highest quality products and services are offered to departments, professionals from the University of North Texas Facilities Planning, and Construction have established a list of preapproved furniture vendors who meet the high standards for quality and service, Departments within UNT are required to use vendors off of the UNT List of Preapproved Furniture Vendors. Please go to for the list and other information.

General Workplace Violence guidance and information; references to UNT resources.


Supervisors should use these forms to record disciplinary action for employees.

If a payment has been made and after the fact it is determined that the expense should have been paid from another DeptID/ProjID, complete the Voucher Correction form. Copies of this request will be sent to the DeptID holders.  Use this form to change the DeptID/ProjID for an item that has already been paid. 


General Workplace Violence guidance and information; references to UNT resources.