Org Chart & Governance

The University of North Texas System is led by Chancellor Michael R. Williams, who reports to the UNT System Board of Regents. Below is the UNT System organizational chart and governance model.

Download the Org Chart.


Governance Chart


To ensure UNT System efficiency and effectiveness.


Council Chairs are responsible for:

  1. Planning and implementing the strategic priorities of the Chancellor’s Council;
  2. Reporting to the Chancellor’s Council progress on the top priority operational system efficiency and effectiveness as prioritized by each Council;
  3. Cross-coordination and communication with other councils.

Chancellor's Council


  • Chancellor
  • University Presidents
  • VC/General Counsel
  • VC Academic Affairs & Student Success
  • VC HR
  • VC Finance



  • CIO
  • ITPP Committee Representative from UNT, UNTD, UNTHSC, and UNTS
  • System Budget Representative
  • Senior Manager for HRIS



  • UNT System CFO
  • University CFOs

*When applicable, a university representative from each campus and a System Administration representative will make up each CCG.

Council Operations

  1. Office of the Board Secretary and Council chairs will maintain a Sharepoint site with schedules, agendas, results and minutes of monthly or more frequent meetings.
  2. Councils and Coordination & Collaboration Groups will meet at least once per month. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.