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Show your UNT System pride with some amazing gear! Wear the brand, live the values!  Shop the Swag Store!

Registration Required

At this time, only PCard purchases for departments can be made, shipped to pre-determined campus locations.

Current PCard holders should have received a registration email from HF Custom Solutions.  If you have not yet received it, please first check your spam folder.  If it is not in your spam folder, please reach out to programs@hfcustomsolutions.com for assistance.

If you are a new Pcard holder and need to register, please reach out to programs@hfcustomsolutions.com for assistance in helping set up your account.

Coming Soon: personal purchases using personal debit/credit cards.

Swag Store Contact Information

Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Email: programs@hfcustomsolutions.com
Phone: 817.221.8342

A registration email will have been sent to you from our system if you are a current Pcard holder. At this time, only Pcard holders can purchase from the Departmental Orders site.

If you are a new Pcard holder and need to register, please reach out to programs@hfcustomsolutions.com and we will assist in helping set up your account. If you have not received a registration email but believe you already should have, please check your spam folder.

If the registration email cannot be found, you may reach out to programs@hfcustomsolutions.com for further assistance.

An email address is required as part of the sign-up process in order to ensure a secure and convenient user experience, facilitate communication and engagement, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements for members of our organization.

You can reach out to HF Custom Solutions Programs Department at programs@hfcustomsolutions.com or 817.221.8342 and speak with the customer service team.  Business Hours are Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

You will not have to pay tax on any purchase using a Pcard on the Departmental Orders site.

The Personal Orders site (launching soon) will have tax applied to your purchase.

Your order will be shipped to the address provided during checkout. However, it is required that all Pcard purchases be shipped to a UNT System or campus location. Please ensure this is the case or your order may be delayed.

The "Shop in Bulk" category contains items that are not kept in inventory at our Fort Worth warehouse. These items are made-to-order and will have a required minimum quantity to purchase. This minimum will vary from product to product and the requirement will be listed in each product page.

All bulk items will require a minimum of 2-3 weeks to produce and ship from their respective warehouses across the country. Because they are not kept in inventory, products may be backordered and/or have production delays at time of purchase. The customer service team will communicate any delays of this nature with you as soon as your order begins processing.

Your "Shop in Bulk" order will ship separately from any orders made from the "Shop UNT System" and "Shop Values" categories as they are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Your shipping cost will reflect these shipment locations.

The bulk category is best utilized when purchasing for large events, your departmental team, and/or any other instance in which larger quantities of items may be required.

Items from the "Shop UNT System" and "Shop Values" categories will ship in 3-5 business days from time of purchase. The order status and tracking information (when available) can be found under "My Orders" when you are logged in to your account.

Items from the "Shop in Bulk" category will ship 2-3 weeks from purchase date barring any inventory or production delays.

Rush orders are not available from any category at this time.

Inventory items purchased from the "Shop UNT System" and "Shop Values" categories may be returned for a refund minus the cost of the original shipping. Additionally, the refund cannot be processed until the returned items are received to our warehouse. The shipment of the items being returned is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.