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This area provides access to both Internal and External forms related to the UNT System. The forms may be sorted for Internal or External users via the dropdown menu below and may also be sorted by category or keyword. Users may Email Us with any questions.

UNT System employees wishing to update their personal information or view paycheck, paid leave or benefits information should visit the My UNT System portal and log in via EUID.

Please note that fillable forms are most likely to function properly when using Firefox browser. Internet Explorer users may want to save a form for one-time use before proceeding. Both browsers offer a Save option in Adobe Acrobat. For assistance with browsers or software, visit the Information Technology Shared Services Service Catalog website and log in via EUID.

Departmental Request to Cancel a Check

The purpose of this Departmental Request to Cancel a Check form is to request for a paycheck to be stopped in order to avoid overpayment to an employee.

Please complete the following:

  1. Inform the employee that their payment will be delayed or cancelled.
  2. Inform the employee that their payment will be corrected and released only when the required processing has been completed and the job records have been updated.
Disability Self-Identification - Voluntary

The UNT System seeks, hires and provides equal opportunity to qualified people with disabilities. Voluntary submission of this form helps us measure how well we are doing. All information is private.

PDF icon Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability - English, PDF icon Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability - Spanish
Dual or Outside Employment Request

Faculty and staff at UNT, UNT Dallas and UNT System must request approval prior to starting employment with non-UNTS entities and must disclose existing outside or dual employment.

PDF icon Annual Request for Outside or Dual Employment
Electronic Funds Transfer Forms

Employee and Supplier Electronic Funds Transfer Forms

Binary Data , PDF icon Supplier Electronic Funds Transfer Form
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Information

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, confidential counseling for faculty and staff. The EAP program also provides a SafeRide service. This flyer explains the service.

PDF icon EAP Overview, PDF icon EAP SafeRide flyer
Employee Reimbursement Expense Report (Travel & Non-Travel) and Travel Budget Authorization (TBA) – Formerly Travel Voucher

The Travel Budget Authorization (TBA) and the Employee Reimbursement Expense Report (Travel & Non-Travel), are all contained in this one Excel document.

The Travel Budget Authorization is to be completed and signed prior to any trip and submitted to One day local mileage trips do not require a TBA.

The Employee Reimbursement Expense Report (Travel & Non-Travel) should be completed and submitted to for any reimbursements prior to the trip, at the conclusion of the trip or for any reimbursements not involving travel.

This form can also be used to reimburse students or prospective employees for UNT Denton, UNT Dallas, UNT HSC, and UNT System Administration.

Office spreadsheet icon Employee Reimbursement Expense Report (Travel & Non-Travel)
Employment Consent for Minors

A parent or guardian must consent to the employment of minors who work at UNT System locations. Minors on campus; UNTHSC.

PDF icon Employment Consent for Minors
Encumbrance Inquiry

Encumbrance Inquiry Form

When a requisition is budget checked, the funds are pre encumbered. When the purchase order is dispatched, the pre encumbrance is released and the funds are actually encumbered.  When a payment is made, the funds are then expensed reducing the PO's encumbrance.  In COGNOS, you can watch the funds move through the stages.  If you have a question about an encumbrance on your COGNOS report, use this form to send an e-mail to the purchasing team.  Be sure to include the requisition #, purchase order #, and/or voucher # which can be found on the COGNOS report.

A copy of this request will also be sent to your DeptID Holder.

ePAR Inquiry

Have a question regarding an ePAR? Submit the ePAR Inquiry form for inquiries about Electronic Payroll Action Requests.

eShipGlobal Request Form

eShipGlobal Request Form

The employee named below as "User" and his/her immediate supervisor, wish to establish an eShipGlobal account for onlne shipping of parcels, and as such certifiy the following to be true:

  • User will use eShipGlobal for official business purposes only.
  • User will only furnish a Purchasing Card as the means for payment and will not utilize a Purchase Order.
  • User understands that eShipGlobal does not have a means of encumbering funds or determining funds availability, and that User and Supervisor bear full responsibility to ensure that the specified account has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  • User understands that deliberate misuse of eShipGlobal may result in revocation of User's access to eShipGlobal, and possibly other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.
  • User and Supervisor acknowledge that Policy and Texas State Law forbid the sharing of passwords, and agree to request separate accounts for each individual who may need use of eShipGlobal's services.
Exception Request

Personal Computer and Tablet Purchase Exception Form
Completed Exception Request Forms must be attached to the purchase requisition and submitted to Procurement.

Family Medical Leave Act Requests and Guides

UNT System Human Resources uses FMLASource® to administer requests and claims for these important and valuable employee benefits:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Parental Leave
  • State of Texas Sick Leave Pool access and donations. (Texas Government Code, Sec. 661.207.)

 Contact FMLASource:

  • Online and by smartphone app, 24 hours every day at
  • By phone, 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day, 1-844-837-9301
  • By FAX, 877-309-0218

 Learn more about FMLA and find a step-by-step guide for using FMLASource.

PDF icon FMLA Employee Guide (English), PDF icon FMLA Employee Guide (Spanish)
Fitness Leave Program Request

Please complete this form and email it as PDF to your supervisor.

PDF icon Fitness Leave Program Request
Flexible Work Arrangement

At the UNT System, we believe that work is what you do, not necessarily where you go each day. In support of that philosophy, UNT System is promoting Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA).  Flexible Work Arrangements allow our staff to work at a time from a location other than their office or cubicle, when appropriate and as approved by their supervisor(s).

PDF icon 05.022 Working Hours and Flexible Work Arrangements, PDF icon Flexible Work Arrangement Form (UNTHSC, UNT Dallas & UNT System), PDF icon Flexible Work Arrangement Form (UNT)
Foreign Nationals Form

Foreign National Information Form - University of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas, and UNT System Administration - Should be attached to any requisition or payroll forms where payment is being made to a foreign national.

PDF icon Foreign Nationals Form, PDF icon Foreign Nationals Form Instructions