WE ARE NORTH TEXAS Podcast- UNT Hall of Fame Athletes from 1960s Reflect on Segregation and Race Issues | UNT System

Thursday, February 25, 2021
Will Davis Charles Beatty Podcast

Brought to you by the University of North Texas System, WE ARE NORTH TEXAS focuses on innovation, compassion, ideas and accomplishments in our home region of Dallas-Fort Worth. Hosted by UNT System Chief Communications Officer Paul Corliss.

As part of the UNT System’s Black History Month Series, Mean Green Hall of Famers Charles “Chuck” Beatty (UNT football 1966-68) and Willie Davis (UNT basketball 1964-68) share their experiences as Black athletes of the 1960s growing up in a largely segregated Texas. UNT was one of the few Division I universities in the state to include Black athletes in this era and the university helped Beatty and Davis make it to the pros, while also providing an education that equipped them for success in life after the game.

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