Be aware of continued unemployment fraud attempts

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Human Resources Records continues to see an increase in fraudulent unemployment claims. This type of fraudulent activity is occurring across the country and is being closely monitored. However, our IT security team has confirmed that there is no data breach of UNT World systems.

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) currently has all UNT World unemployment requests on hold, meaning no unemployment benefits will be paid out until confirmation and validation are received from the employee (you) and HR Records.

As many filing processes across the country are initiated online, you may receive information via email, phone or U.S. mail prior to our office receiving notification from TWC. Should you receive a fraudulent unemployment claim, including claims made in another state, please immediately contact HR Records at

When a fraudulent claim is identified, HR Records immediately notifies TWC, ITSS Security team and the applicable campus police for appropriate action. TWC will be informed that the employee is an active employee of UNT World, and it will initiate an investigation. 

TWC requires a name and social security number to file an unemployment claim, and while many fraudulent claims have included incorrect social security numbers, your identity MAY still be compromised. As such, HR Records will send affected employees an email with actions they can take, such as contact information for the following agencies:

Affected employees will also be encouraged to consider changing passwords assigned to the following, as applicable:

We understand that becoming aware of a fraudulent unemployment claim can be stressful, and HR Records is actively and promptly taking appropriate action upon receipt of fraudulent claims. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact HR Records at