HSC Physician assistant faculty highlight: Ashley Gentry

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

HSC's Ashley GentryAshley Gentry is an associate professor in The University of Health Science Center at Fort Worth’s Department of Physician Assistant Studies. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Dallas Baptist University and graduated from the HSC Physician Assistant Program in 2012 with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies. Prior to becoming a physician assistant, Gentry worked locally as a high school science teacher.

Upon earning her degree from HSC, she worked in family medicine in Cleburne, Texas and in vascular and interventional radiology at UT Southwestern. Gentry started her faculty career as an instructor in 2013.

“What drew me to academia was my background in teaching,” Gentry said. “I truly enjoy taking challenging and complex concepts and developing teaching materials that are meaningful and exciting for students.”

Get to know professor Gentry:

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew before you started your studies?

A: I wish I knew how much I enjoy radiology before I went to physician assistant school.  Now that I have studied medicine and taught in many areas, I think I would have enjoyed working as a radiologist.

Q: What do you most enjoy about working at HSC?

A: I really enjoy the campus and location. Our campus is small, but beautiful. We are a close-knit community and I love being able to see people I know whenever I walk across campus. I also love being so close to the museums. There are so many great outdoor spaces nearby when I need a change of scenery.

Q: What HSC value do you resonate with the most and why?

A: Definitely Courageous Integrity. Transparency and honesty are extremely important to me and build trust in the work and academic environment. As a physician assistant, we pledge to perform our duties with honesty, integrity and dedication. This is something I take very seriously and value in our HSC community.

Q: What is your fondest memory of your time at HSC?

A: There are probably many things I could list here, but the thing that is foremost in my mind is the ever-present joyful light of Sandy Mann at the front desk. She has been a fixture in this program since its inception and when I think of physician assistant studies, I think of Sandy. She is retiring at the end of the month and will be truly missed.

Q: When you’re not at HSC, what do you enjoy doing most?

A: When not at HSC, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three kids, especially when we have nothing going on and can just hang out and play board games. One of our favorites is Catan!

Q: What do you hope students take from their time at HSC?

A: I hope students build a sense of community that they carry into their profession and a continued thirst for knowledge that never ceases.

From HSC Newsroom - Our People by Cindy Vasquez