HSC Health launches the Metabolic & Longevity Center to help people achieve health goals with less medications

Friday, December 16, 2022

hsc-health-doctor-and-patientWith New Year’s resolutions right around the corner, HSC Health — the clinical practice of The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth — has launched the Metabolic & Longevity Center.

This new specialty clinic is dedicated to the treatment of metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Additionally, people who do not have metabolic diseases but are interested in prolonging the active, healthy years of their lives or optimizing athletic performance are invited to use the clinic to focus on health longevity.

The goal of the clinic is to help people achieve their health goals, give individuals more years of activity and good health across their lifespans, and deprescribe medication as much as possible. Visitors benefit from a care team, including doctors, advanced practice clinicians and a clinical pharmacist, who collaborate with them on their medical history and specific health targets.

“The Metabolic and Longevity clinical experts recognize that your health is greater than a lab result or medication,” said Jessica Rangel, executive vice president of Health Systems. “Your goals, lifestyle and dreams are all part of your wellness.

“Our expert clinicians empower individuals to take back control of their health,” she continued.  “We find that over time, many people no longer require insulin to treat their Type 2 diabetes, many lose weight and they are able to lower their blood pressure back into an acceptable range. The team walks the wellness journey with each person to achieve the quality of life they’ve always wanted.”

Those interested in expert collaboration, support and practical assistance in reaching their goals in 2023, may call 817-735-7800 to schedule an appointment with the Metabolic & Longevity Center.  

From HSC Newsroom - On Campus by Kimberly Rossiter