HSC's TCOM chapter of Gold Humanism Honor Society welcomes Class of 2025 members

Monday, April 29, 2024

Gold Humanism Honor Society - New Class of 2025 members

The humanistic side of medicine is continuing to flourish at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. The TCOM chapter of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation inducted 33 students and four faculty members into the Gold Humanism Honor Society during a recent ceremony at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

The students, all members of the Class of 2025, were chosen for their outstanding humanistic behaviors shown during medical school. The students represent no greater than 15% of their class and were nominated by their peers.

Gold Humanism Honor Society - PinThe people that you see in this room are the people who are supposed to be in this room,” Dr. David Mason, TCOM’s assistant dean for clinical education, said to the inductees. “It’s about humanity and making the human connection with your patient. We have lost our patients’ trust in health care and we have to rebuild that, and we can do it by putting people first. Honor that sacred relationship between patient and doctor and always keep the focus on your patients.”

Along with the students, TCOM faculty members Dr. Curtis Galke and Dr. Christopher Medina and preceptors Dr. Michael Ewing and Dr. Deborah Naylor were inducted into the honor society.

The Gold Foundation champions humanism in health care, which they define as “compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care.” The non-profit organization at TCOM was founded for recognizing students, residents and faculty who are exemplars of compassionate patient care and who serve as role models, mentors and leaders in medicine.

Dr. Arnold P. Gold, a pediatric neurologist, began the foundation in 1988. His belief in the importance of an empathic bedside manner led him and his wife Sandra to create the foundation to inspire young physicians to practice compassionate patient care.

TCOM students inductees

  • Fariya Fatima
  • Prathyusha Mahasamudram
  • Quincey Quinn
  • Owen Saenz
  • Katelyn Morse
  • Stephanie Elbanna
  • Ai-Thien Do
  • Zoe Hatzenbiler
  • Madelaine Walker
  • Daniel Navid
  • Kush Rama
  • Zachary Tucker
  • Katherine Young
  • Kulsum Abdali
  • Haiey Wolf
  • Jordan Thompson
  • Nisha Mistry
  • Lianna Tran
  • Ali Wazir
  • Matthew Joseph
  • Jaxton Birky
  • Natali Borrego
  • Cynthia Prado
  • Viktor Vasilev
  • Kamran Karvesh
  • Alyssa Foltz
  • Matthew Wieters
  • Kailee Wegehaupt
  • Ann George
  • Moath Mohammad
  • Emily Edelhoven
  • Pranjal Chokshi
  • Bao Quynh Tran

TCOM faculty inductees

  • Dr. Cutis Galke
  • Dr. Christopher Medina
  • Dr. Michael Ewing
  • Dr. Deborah Naylor

From HSC Newsroom - Our People by Steven Bartolotta