"Think HUB First" Initiative

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Faculty and Staff of the UNT System,

Historically, we have done an excellent job utilizing Texas certified Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB). I want to reaffirm that it remains the commitment of each UNTS institution to continue forward working closely with HUB partners.

With the “Think HUB First” initiative, we are expanding our commitment to DE&I by enhancing our utilization of a more diverse supplier base through strategic business partnerships. This aligns with the inclusive UNT System culture, as we are steadfast in our commitment to excellence through a “Think HUB First” culture across the entire UNT System, similar to the success of UNT Dallas —consistently ranked the #1 Texas Institution of Higher Education (IHE) — significantly exceeding the state’s HUB goals annually.

I have asked our Procurement Department to lead us in exploring new innovative and solution-oriented practices as we enhance our commitment to our diverse strategic business partners. For example, we will explore changes such as:

  • Expedited payment processes to support cashflow needs typically more pressing for small businesses. Require quotes from 3 HUB vendors for all requirements between $15K and $25K; exceptions being approved by the HUB Coordinator.
  • Require quotes from 1 HUB vendor for all requirements under $15K; exceptions being approved by the HUB Coordinator.
  • Use HUB as an element to be scored in the best-value evaluation and determination.
  • The HUB Coordinator will designate procurement opportunities (of any potential dollar value) in which HUB utilization will have an outsized impact on the best-value determination.
  • Establish HUB goals in solicitations commensurate with the diversity of suppliers in the North Texas region.
  • Grant favorable scoring of proposals for local Texas vendors particularly those within Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, and Collin counties.
  • Review all other Procurement policies and regulations for HUB-friendliness.

By 2026, the UNT System will be a values-driven and customer-focused culture with an emphasis on excellence, curiosity, and innovation. The “Think HUB First” initiative reflects this vision extending our values and commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community to our strategic business partners. In addition, we will continue to explore and implement other innovative approaches that ensure UNTS continues to serve as a driving force for our regional economic ecosystem, becoming our state’s gold standard for diversity in procurement.

Thank you for your continued partnership and collaboration in support of this important initiative.

Dr. Michael R. Williams