Transfer students at UNT are thriving thanks to support provided by a dedicated center

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Transfer Students Welcome to UNT

DENTON (UNT), Texas — The University of North Texas is making significant strides in supporting transfer students with the help of its Transfer Center. According to the Community College Research Center (CCRC), only 45% of Texas community college transfer students earn a bachelor’s degree within six years. On the national level, that number is 48%. However, UNT’s institutional research reveals that 68% of its 2017 transfer cohort achieved this milestone.

Welcome Claw“We have student support services and strong community college partnerships that contribute to transfer student outcomes that outpace the national average,” said Brenda Kihl, senior associate vice president for enrollment partnerships. “On average, community college transfer student graduates from UNT in 3.15 years.  This is exceptional considering most students transfer with less than a 2-year degree and many attend UNT part-time.”

The CCRC report also found that statewide, only 44% of Hispanic transfer students and 33% of Black transfer students earned their degrees within six years. At UNT, those rates are much higher at 69% and 60%, respectively.

“We create a foundation for student success for all students,” said Elizabeth With, senior vice president for the Division of Student Affairs. “This is especially important for our transfer students, who make up more than 10% of our undergraduate population.”

The Transfer Center at UNT is vital for transfer student success. The center serves as a bridge to the university community, offering events like Eagle for a Day when prospective students can experience campus life firsthand. Attendees can have their transfer orientation fee waived, and if they apply during the event, the transfer admissions application fee is waived as well.

A new student signs up for transfer orientation“It’s important that we ensure our transfer students are set up for success,” said DrewAnn Reyes, assistant director of transition programs. “The Transfer Center starts working with students before they get to UNT so they can feel confident when the first day of class arrives.”

After acceptance and before classes start, transfer students engage in the Transfer Experience during UNT’s welcome week, called First Flight. Led by Transfer Ambassadors, they connect with peers and learn about campus resources.

“It’s a great way for new transfer students to meet students with similar experiences,” Reyes said.

The ambassadors, often transfer students themselves, understand the challenges newcomers may face. The Transfer Center sustains support throughout their time at UNT, facilitating Transfer Communities for shared interests and providing numerous events each semester.

UNT at Frisco Transfer Orientation“We host Lunch & Learn sessions with industry partners and collaborate closely with the UNT Career Center, Reyes said.

In October, during National Transfer Student Week, events celebrate transfer students and the professionals who support them. The Transfer Center also sends out a weekly newsletter to keep transfer students informed about events and resources.

“The Transfer Center supports all transfer students during their transition to UNT and while they’re with us,” Reyes said. “We aim to help students connect to campus resources, build a community and achieve their goals at UNT.”

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