UNT System HR launches organizational restructure tailored to campuses

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

UNT System Human Resources is implementing a strategic plan that focuses on the human part of human resources.

Based on input from stakeholders at all campus and system locations, UNT System will be adjusting its HR service model to better serve its institutions with a renewed focus on providing services specifically tailored to the unique needs of each campus. Effective Feb. 1, 2021, this shift in structure will integrate “core service areas” within each campus organization under the oversight of each respective Campus HR Executive Director, as well as for UNT System Administration  – providing a complete suite of HR services, from recruitment through retirement.

By placing HR experts on each campus, it will increase institutional knowledge at each location, while improving efficiency, agility, communications and collaboration. Additionally, the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) area of “core services” will be realigned with Information Technology (IT) under the direction of Bharath Prabhakaran, Deputy CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor, Enterprise Applications, to ensure a collaborative approach to delivering optimal/high quality data and technology solutions (including reporting) to support HR strategic business outcomes.

Benefits for stakeholders:

  • Better integration with our institutions
  • Renewed focus on foundational services and the individualized employee experience
  • Enable campus HR organization to rapidly adjust size/scope of competency areas
  • Slowdown/delay/terminate ancillary initiatives that interfere with foundational support
  • HR Campus organizations can rapidly adjust skills based on campus needs; accountability is integrated at the HR Executive Director level

Opportunities for HR staff members:

  • Become part of a unified HR team focused on excellence
  • More opportunities for employees to cross-train and transition to new areas – creating a robust internal talent pipeline
  • Stronger advancement through broadened experience, skills and abilities
  • Advances Equity, Diversity and Inclusion across UNT World
  • Integrates diverse skills to work together to optimize operations
  • More flexibility and accountability

These HR teams are dedicated to becoming a value-added strategic partner by delivering customer-focused, innovative and cost-effective solutions that enrich organizational excellence and make UNT World a Great Place to Work.

Meet the new HR Teams: