About OKRs

Investing in Our Future

Investing in UNT System’s future is a key component of all of us being Better Together. An opportunity to implement best in-class OKR and strategy management will allow our enterprise to better align and execute our strategic initiatives. 

Team of people on top of a mountain

We need to be aligned on outcomes to achieve them - one team, one dream.

Two businessmen working

Transparency should be continuous to allow us each to make high quality decisions in the moment.

Man working on laptop

Alignment and accountability are pre-requisites to being a high-performing organization.

Several hands meeting in the middle

True empowerment stems from clarity and confidence that you are doing the most important things.

Businessman with a clock in his hands

Time is a valuable resource, and it's essential that we use our time to advance our strategy achievement in the most valuable ways.

What is OKR?


An Objective is simply what is to be achieved, no more and no less. By definition, Objectives are significant, concrete, action oriented, and (ideally) inspirational. When properly designed and deployed, they’re a vaccine against fuzzy thinking and ineffective strategy execution.

Key Results

Key Results benchmark and monitor how we get to the Objective. Effective Key Results are specific, time-bound, and aggressive yet realistic. Most of all, they are measurable and verifiable. You either meet a Key Result’s requirements or you don’t — there is no gray area, no room for doubt. 

Where an Objective can be long lived, rolled over for a year or longer, Key Results evolve as the work progresses. Once they are all completed, the Objective is achieved.

Long Range Strategy

OKRs are a means to great strategy execution.

  • Strategy color correlation to graphic  Strategy is what we want to achieve, years in the future.
  • Objectives color correlating to graphic Objectives clarify the part of the strategy to execute now.
  • Key Results color correlating to graphic Key results are the measures defining success.
  • Actions color correlating to graphic Actions are the tasks/activities done to achieve key results.

Strategy execution is purposeful achievement.

OKRs Long Range Strategy graphic explaining that Actions explain the "why" to the Key Results and Objectives, while Objectives and Key Results explain the "How" to Actions