Reissue Payroll Check Request Form

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Before completing this Reissue Payroll Check Request Form, please verify the status of your paycheck with your department and/or supervisor.  In addition, please verify that your mailing address is correct in EIS before submitting this form.  To verify or make changes to your mailing address, go to Employee Self-Service.

By completing this form:

  • I am requesting that Payroll stop payment on the payroll check I have indicated.
  • I understand that should I receive the original check, it is not to be cashed.  I will return the check to Payroll for proper handling. 
The address for returning the check is:

UNT System Payroll
1112 Dallas Drive, Suite 4000
Denton, TX  76205

Please complete all the required fields of the form in order to start the process of getting a check reissued. If you need assistance completing this form, call (940) 369-5500 or (855) 868-4357.

DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM if the check date is 6 months or greater; the funds for the check have been sent to the State of Texas as unclaimed property. You will need to start the claims process by going to website.

Reasons for reissue*
Please select the reason you are requesting a check be reissued: